4 Important Tips For Ensuring Your Wine Cooler Runs Smoothly

Regardless of whether it is a new wine cooler or one that you’ve had for years, it is important that you take important steps to ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently.  Generally, wine coolers are very low maintenance appliances.  Still, there are some things you can do to boost the longevity and efficiency of your cooler. Importance Of Location  Exactly … Read More

5 Tips For Winter Maintenance And Energy Efficiency For Your Air-conditioning system.

As the winter months are almost upon us, it is time for you to give special attention to your commercial Air-conditioning system.  You need to winter-proof your air conditioning system not only to protect the business property the system services but also the system itself from the colder, less agreeable weather ahead. Write Up A Schedule Of Preventive Maintenance One … Read More

6 Tips And Considerations For Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration

Any commercial kitchen anywhere needs high quality refrigeration.  Whether you are looking to have a refrigerator installed in your office, hotel, café or restaurant, you need to choose wisely.  Fridges are expected to work all day, every day, all year.  Therefore, when shopping for a commercial refrigerator, you need to keep in mind the following important suggestions so that you … Read More

Should You Repair or Replace Your Domestic Fridge?

When you start to notice operational or structural problems with your fridge, if it starts hissing, sweating, cycling off and on repeatedly or leaking you may be wondering whether you should repair or replace it. It goes without saying that a fridge can be something of a big investment and though replacing it could be the less troublesome option, it … Read More

The Benefits Of Blast Chillers And Freezers

Blast chillers and freezers are specially designed appliances that efficiently and quickly lower the temperature of warm and hot food. As they often used more power than normal refrigerators, this can put off companies and businesses who are cost and energy conscious from purchasing one. As well as the food safety reassurances offered by blast freezing and chilling, when they … Read More

How To Select The Best Cold room

As you may already know, a cold room is either a modular structure or room that is designed to enable you to optimise the uniform temperature inside it.  In order to get the best value for money, you need to understand what makes a good cold room.  Generally speaking, the best cold room would be one that is reliable, energy-efficient … Read More

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Air Conditioner Repairs

It is always nice to save money.  Especially when it comes to something where paying a professional to do work that you could have a go at yourself, seemingly costs a lot more.  However, when it comes to air conditioning repairs, unless you have relevant experience and qualifications, it is strongly advised by ADK.co.uk, a HVAC installation and repair company, operating … Read More

Signs Your AC Unit Is On The Way Out

There is nothing more soothing on a hot and clammy day in the middle of summer than the cool breeze of a air conditioner.  That is until your AC unit suffers a fault or completely breaks down.  As with anything, one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs or even more expensive replacements being necessary, is to understand when … Read More

Great Tips For Getting The Most From Your Air Conditioner

During the hot summer days is when your air conditioning unit works its hardest.  It can be a challenge to use the A/C as much as you need to in this time while keeping your energy bills to an affordable level, a challenge but not impossible.  In the following article we will look at ways to maximise the efficiency of … Read More