Guide To Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Filters

An air conditioner is a useful and for most necessary piece of equipment to have in your office or home.  As well as hindering the energy efficiency of the unit, filters that are not well maintained can also affect of your air quality.  While you may think the severity of this is overstated, you need to consider how an air … Read More

Simple Tips For Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

If you are in possession of a commercial refrigerator for your business such as a restaurant or catering company, it is vitally important to regularly maintain the appliance.  Picture the scene – you are busy looking after the needs of a record number of customers at the busiest point in the week, the weekend, when out from the kitchen you … Read More

Best Methods For Quickly Defrosting Your Fridge Freezer

When frost gathers up on the surfaces on the inside of your fridge freezer it starts to reduce its efficiency and increase your electricity bills.  Although many modern fridge freezers self-defrost nowadays, if you have an older model, you will have faced the issue of defrosting it at least once a year or when there is a layer of ice … Read More

5 Crucial Fridge Maintenance Tips

If you don’t regularly clean and maintain your fridge, dirt and dust could build up on the condenser coils, the gaskets on the door could loosen a little and as cool air would be allowed to seep into the cabinet, the temperature inside would become unstable. This would mean that your fridge has to work a lot harder than normal … Read More

5 Steps To Help You Figure Out – Replace or Repair?

After months of issues and problems with your refrigerator or air conditioner, it can be hard to know whether you need to hire someone to repair your appliance, or if it would be easier and more cost effective to buy a new one. You likely want to avoid paying for expensive repairs if the appliance will break down completely again, … Read More

A Brief Look At Blast Freezers And Understanding Its Working Principle

Whether you have heard of blast freezers before or not, in the following article you will learn a lot more about them.  If you are completely new to the term – a blast freezer is a special kind of freezer used to keep food safely at very low temperatures in order to prevent micro-organisms from forming and growing.  Another name … Read More

Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying An Air Conditioner For Your Home

If you and your family find the summer months difficult to bear and are looking for some relief from the warmer climate and higher level of humidity; then you may be considering the possibility of having an air conditioning unit installed.  There is a wide array of benefits and advantages to having an this type of system in your home … Read More

How Regularly Should An Office Air Conditioner Be Checked And Serviced?

Nowadays, air conditioning systems will work efficiently in the background, almost silently.  They have become so durable in recent years that they will give you the best air quality possible without any issue for a long time.  However like anything else, in order to keep them in the best working order possible, air conditioning units need to be regularly serviced … Read More

Handy Tips For Increasing The Energy Efficiency Of Blast Chillers And Freezers

Blast freezers and blast chillers are perfect for the catering and hospitality industry and although in the past they were considered to be energy guzzlers,this has changed with the evolution of energy  efficient blast chilling design and engineering.  There are some important considerations you should make though, if you are thinking of using one of these devices in your business. … Read More

10 Great Ways To Use Air Conditioning While Saving Energy

Although you can stay cool without the use of an air conditioner, there are days when it is so hot and humid that it is a must.  Therefore, you will undoubtedly find the following tips for staying cool using your air conditioner while saving energy at same time.   1. Being Warmer At Night Is Okay If you are fortunate … Read More