ColdroomRefrigerationSeptember 27, 2019by ADK3 Places That Can Benefit From Commercial Freezer / Cold Rooms

Commercial refrigeration units are an important part of any business kitchen which stocks fresh food and can be found in a large variety of businesses, from restaurants, bars to hotels and grocery stores. 

In fact, there are actually quite a few industries which require precise temperature-controlled environments or cold storage solutions to preserve their goods. By utilising commercial walk-in freezer / cold rooms, businesses are able to ensure their stock lasts longer and remains fresh.

In this article, we will look at the difference between freezer rooms and cold rooms and which businesses types that can benefit from installing these commercial refrigeration options available.


What’s the difference between Freezer Rooms and Walk-in Cold Rooms?

Freezer Rooms and Walk-in Cold Rooms are similar in appearance and layout but could easily be confused for one another. While they look alike, particularly from the outside, they provide different temperature ranges based on the refrigeration demands of the business.

In general, most commercial walk-in cold rooms operate at an average temperature between 0°c and 5°c, remaining above the freezing point, acting as a large refrigerator. In comparison, a walk-in freezer can operate at temperatures as low as -40°c, freezing everything inside.

Depending on the types of produce and food you intent to refrigerate, Walk-in Freezers may damage certain products which are unsuitable for below-freezing temperatures. For products which need to be used immediately without time to defrost, a cold room would be the perfect commercial refrigeration solutions.


F&B Restaurants

The food and restaurant industry is a very competitive one. Most restaurant owners understand that in order to run a successful and efficient food business it is important to have the right refrigeration equipment. Commercial cold rooms are a necessity for restaurants as they provide an efficient and controlled environment which helps in keeping the food fresh for longer periods of time.

Whether it is a catering business, restaurant, bakery or warehouses of food processing, they cannot be run without a proper commercial refrigeration storage system. Warehouse production businesses who handle large volumes of food products require large industrial cold rooms. The larger cold rooms are often known as walk-in cold rooms.

In order to install a cold room, you need to have a large space available. It needs to be constructed in the area before any other appliances are installed. The required temperature is achieved by installing a refrigeration system with digitised temperature control.

Modular cold rooms differ to walk-in rooms as they can easily be constructed on-site with all the panelling for the ceiling, walls and floor are locked together so different configurations can be constructed based on what you need. At ADK commercial cold rooms can be installed according to the specific demands of the customers. 


Hotels & Hospitality

The Hotel and Hospitality industry is another sector which can benefit from commercial cold room refrigeration solutions. Primarily required in the kitchen where food is stored and prepared for customers. Some Hotels offer more than 1 restaurant so multiple cold rooms may be required if the kitchens are in separate locations in the Hotel.

Hotels should also seek to purchase and install energy-efficient cold rooms due to the fact that a large cold room would be required. Generally speaking, the best cold room solution would be the one that is reliable, energy-efficient and ideal for its main purpose, keeping your products at the desired storage temperature.  

Here at ADK Kooling, we specialise in designing, installing and maintaining commercial refrigeration solutions for Hotels and Restaurants. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can take care of all your HVAC cooling needs.


Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and medical clinics are other places where commercial cold rooms are required in order to store medical supplies which need to be chilled such as vaccines, diagnostic kits and blood samples. 

Medical Cold rooms after contain two independent refrigeration units for full contingency guaranteeing that if one fails the other will take its place, providing protection for valuable medicines or inventory.

Kill switches and lock stops are also installed for peace of mind for both you and your hospital employees. Hospital refrigeration solutions can be placed both inside or outside the hospital depending on the space and locations available. 


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