ADK Kooling is delighted to announce that we are proud sponsors of Young’s FC, a local grassroots football team in Wembley, which is managed by the impressive Youngs Football Coaching School. YFCS aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of kids through the power of sport. Their strong belief in children’s inclusion in team...

This guide looks at the importance of Air-Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Plans and how to prolong the life cycle of your beloved HVAC systems.  Air Conditioning HVAC systems play a key part in most commercial businesses for both it’s employees and customers. Business owners and facility managers should know the importance of planned preventative maintenance (PPM)...

It is no secret to any business owner in the food and beverage industry, how important it is to have effective and working commercial refrigeration units. Today, restaurants are highly reliant on commercial refrigeration systems as they play an important role in keeping food and produce fresh, especially in the summer season. But what do...

During the hot summer months, Air Conditioning is an essential facility requirement for any commercial businesses and when properly maintained and work efficiently providing cool air to both employees and customers. If AC units are neglected and left unmaintained, they become eventually become susceptible to breakdowns and begin to operate inefficiently when you need cool...

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