4 Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Fridge

Energy efficiency is on the tip of everyone’s tongues nowadays as we all look for ways to conserve energy and save money on our monthly utility premiums. One way of doing this that seems to escape the minds of many people though, is improving the efficiency or their fridge. As well as being one of the most appliances in your … Read More

Tips For Improving The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning

Now that summer is just around the corner, and given the record-high temperatures we have been experiencing up and down the country, it means your air conditioning system is going to be put to the test. It’s sobering to note that around half of your entire utility costs every month go on cooling and heating bills. Therefore, if you are … Read More

Important Considerations To Make When Choosing a Cold Room Installation

Appropriate and sufficient amounts of refrigeration is an incredibly valuable asset to any kitchen, in ensuring that food and ingredients are kept nutritionally sound and hygienically safe. Any kitchen, restaurant or other place that provides food and its success depends completely on the quality of the ingredients and food it produces and supplies. If you run a business that produces … Read More

Benefits Of Having Air Conditioning Installed At Your Workplace

Are you looking to improve the morale and productivity of your workforce by making their place of work a more comfortable space? One way you could do this is by investing in the installation of an air conditioning unit. Even though, in recent years, there has been a huge debate raised between male and female employees about what constitutes comfortable … Read More

5 Air Conditioner Installation Tips All Homeowners Should Follow

If you require a replacement or completely new air conditioning system installation, relying on the services of a specialist and professional team of HVAC technicians, such as those that work for ADK.co.uk, a Wembley-based British company, can be a smart decision. Not only will your air conditioning be installed successfully, but it was also be installed in a timely and … Read More

4 Places That Could Benefit From Having Ice Machines

There is nothing quite like a cool and refreshing drink with ice cubes, to take the edge off a hot summer day’s rising temperature. Although in the past, an ice maker was seen as a piece of equipment only really suitable for commercial purposes. However, as the technology has improved, units and machines have shrunk along with the prices; ice … Read More

Tips For Reducing Cold Room Electricity Costs

The cost of utilities such as electricity is a big concern for most businesses as it can effect your bottom line and profits. This is an even more important concern if you have a cold room. Although, in general terms, cold rooms all work in the same way; it does not necessarily mean they are made to the same standards … Read More

Tips For Getting The Very Best Out Of A Cold Room

It is actually a lot easier than you may think to look after a cold room, if you have one or are intending on having on installed. Give it a thorough clean regularly and stick to a strict sanitising regime. Do both of these things and you will enjoy good use of your cold room. However, to get the very … Read More

5 Great Benefits Of Cold Rooms

A cold room is an excellent place to store fresh good such as fruit and vegetables, as well as other produce too, because it helps to increase the lifespan of products and stops them from spoiling. They store goods at a lower temperature than standard room temperature and they are therefore the ideal choice for perishable item storage. If you … Read More