The Benefits Of Using A Blast Chiller In Your Restaurant Or Café

The Benefits Of Using A Blast Chiller In Your Restaurant Or Café The high energy consumption and electricity bills that they can generate may have put you off purchasing a blast chiller and/or freezer for your restaurant or café. However, despite the high running costs as you will see below there are many good reasons to consider hiring a company … Read More

Commercial Refrigeration Issues That Might Require You Seek Professional Help

If you are running an establishment that uses commercial refrigeration system, then you are well aware of the importance of keeping it up and running at all times. However, despite your best efforts your refrigeration system tends to break down due to various reasons. While most faults are easy to repair on your own, others might require you to seek … Read More

How to select a reliable air conditioning and refrigeration company ?

Technology plays a critical role in making our lives easy and comfortable and this is evident by the fact that appliances such as Air conditioners and refrigerators have become an integral part of our existence. However, since both these appliances are at the end of the day, just somewhat sophisticated machines, they are likely to suffer from the usual faults … Read More

How to recognise a wet wall fridge?

Not sure what type of domestic fridge freezer you have? Check out this useful video on  how to identify if you have a wet wall type:

Replacement Door Seals – a problem of the past

ADK have the most cost effective supply and fitting of replacement fridge and freezer door seals It’s simple: 1- No need for a make, model or serial number 2- We do not ask you to cut your seals and send us a sample 3- Just provide us a description of the unit and we will do the rest.   Tell the … Read More

Air Intake Filters Will Keep You Kool & Save You Money!

One of the major causes of refrigerator inefficiency or failure is dirty or clogged condensor coils. This results in restricted airflow throughout the system and will require the refrigerators to work harder and consume more electricity in order to maintain optimum temperature necessary to avoid food spoilage. Did you know that dirty condenser coils can: Reduce the efficiency of your … Read More