Should You Have Your Fridge Repaired Or Replaced? When your fridge or freezer starts to have problems such as leaking, turning off and on repeatedly, sweating or hissing; you are left with trying to decide whether it should be repaired or replaced. Obviously, a fridge/freezer is a big investment and while replacing it may be...

The Benefits Of Using A Blast Chiller In Your Restaurant Or Café The high energy consumption and electricity bills that they can generate may have put you off purchasing a blast chiller and/or freezer for your restaurant or café. However, despite the high running costs as you will see below there are many good reasons...

If you are running an establishment that uses commercial refrigeration system, then you are well aware of the importance of keeping it up and running at all times. However, despite your best efforts your refrigeration system tends to break down due to various reasons. While most faults are easy to repair on your own, others...

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