FreezerDomestic RefrigerationFridgeRefrigeration MaintenanceRefrigeration RepairsMay 29, 2024by RanaWhat Are the Benefits Of An Integrated Fridge Freezer?

Integrated fridge freezers are designed to look like a natural part of your kitchen. Unlike a freestanding fridge freezer, an integrated model takes up no floor space in your kitchen. This makes them very convenient for those smaller homes!

Fridge freezers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This means there is always a perfect option that will fit beautifully into your kitchen. But, to decide which form is best for your kitchen, it’s helpful to understand what benefits each one offers.

One particularly popular type of fridge freezer is the integrated variety. Integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend in seamlessly with the look of your kitchen. To create a truly sleek modern look. But, if you’re reading this now, it’s because you want to know if such a fridge freezer is right for you. Just what are the benefits of integrated fridge freezers? Are they all they’re hyped up to be? And why might you choose one?

With the help of the Adk Kooling experts, we’re going to find some definitive answers! So, let’s get right into it, shall we?


What Are The Benefits Of Integrated Fridge Freezer?

Space Saving:

One of the biggest problems with freestanding appliances is that you need to make sure there’s plenty of space for them. Appliances like fridge freezers often have quite large physical footprints. This can make them difficult to integrate into a smaller kitchen space. If placed just wrong, a fridge freezer could create an obstruction that makes it difficult to move through your kitchen!

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If you want to save space in your kitchen, then an integrated fridge freezer is a great option. They are designed to be hidden directly behind cabinet doors, which keeps them out of sight when not in use.


Integrated Fridge Freezers

Integrated fridge freezers can be built directly into your kitchen cabinets and hidden behind cabinet doors. This keeps them from taking up any vital floor space or otherwise obstructing any paths through the space. If space is at a premium in your kitchen, then an integrated fridge freezer can help you to make the most of it!

Create A Seamless Look:

Integrated fridge freezers are also great for creating a sleek and modern look in your kitchen. Hiding the appliance behind cabinet doors allows you to create a uniform look in the space.

This is a distinct benefit that integrated fridge freezers have over standard freestanding fridge freezers. Where you might have trouble finding a freestanding fridge freezer that matches your kitchen’s interior design, an integrated fridge freezer can quite literally be made to match it.


Should You Go For An Integrated Or Freestanding Fridge Freezer?

Ultimately, this will depend on your tastes and the space you have. As we mentioned above, integrated fridge freezers are great for creating a beautiful and uniform sense of space. As such, if you want to create a kitchen that will wow guests every time, then an integrated fridge freezer is your best option.

An integrated fridge freezer is also a great option if you want to create a simplified space that’s easy to navigate. With an integrated fridge freezer, you won’t have to worry about the appliance’s physical footprint, and how much space it might take up.

Integrated Fridge Freezers
Integrated Fridge Freezers

Freestanding fridge freezers are a better option if you aren’t so concerned with creating a unified look in your kitchen. They’re also a great option if you have plenty of space in your kitchen. You won’t have to squeeze it into place. It’s also much easier to be flexible when choosing the perfect spot for a freestanding fridge freezer!


What Are The Drawbacks Of Integrated Fridge Freezer?

Careful Planning:

Because integrated fridge freezers are designed to seamlessly blend into the look of your kitchen, it takes a lot of planning to get it just right. Not only will you need to get some accurate measurements for your chosen spot, but you’ll also need to accurately research all the many models on the market.

Integrating a fridge freezer can also be a costly project. You would need to have professional designers and builders to help create the perfect integrated design. You might also need to pay a little more to have a professional electrician hook up the appliance to a power supply.

Fewer Options:

Because your integrated fridge freezer will be hidden behind a cabinet door, you’ll need to make sure it fits just right. As your fridge freezer will need to be a specific size and shape, you might be a little more limited in terms of options.

Service Team:

”You’ll need to do a bit of extra planning to make sure an integrated fridge freezer fits into your kitchen. A freestanding fridge freezer, on the other hand, can simply be placed into your kitchen and plugged right in”



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It’s worth being flexible with your integrated fridge freezer plans. For instance, if you’re still in the early planning stages of building your kitchen, it’s worth looking at different fridge-freezer models while you plan the kitchen’s design. This allows you to adjust the design if you need to accommodate a specific fridge freezer that has caught your eye. In order to help you weigh up the options, here are the pros and cons of integrated fridge freezers


Spotted signs your Integrated fridge freezer is making some trouble? It’s probably time to call in the experts. 

All sorts of little things can go wrong with integrated fridge freezers. Some are very minor and can be fixed with a screwdriver or a quick clean. But others may require a specialist diagnosis and repairs. 

But be warned: it could get you into trouble if you attempt to make the repairs yourself without the right training or know-how. It isn’t advisable.

If you’re living in London or the South-East of England and your fridge is showing one or more of these telltale signs of dying — then I’d like to suggest you give one of our specialists a call.

Some reasons to consider us include:

  • Our engineers can get out to you in just a few hours.
  • Our call-outs are set at fixed prices — with no sneaky hidden extra charges.
  • We carry lots of spare and replacement parts, so it’s extremely unlikely you’ll have to wait round for us to order one.
  • We can guarantee a 90-day warranty on all our repairs

Find out more about our domestic fridge freezer repairs & get an Adk engineer out ASAP.

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