Air ConditioningMarch 11, 2019by ADKTips for Avoiding Summer Air Condition Unit Breakdowns

Although we are still very much in the heart of the cold winter, it is always good to plan for the year ahead. Particularly if you have recently acquired an air conditioner for home or work premises. Even the summer in the UK can be made more comfortable using one of these amazing appliances. However, they can breakdown and if it is an especially hot and humid day, that is the last thing you want.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid this happening. How? In the following post, we are going to highlight six great tips to help you do just that – avoid air condition unit breakdowns.

Always Arrange for an Annual Maintenance

One thing that many air conditioner owners tend to do is avoid having their system maintained to save money. They think that because their AC has not given them any problems and works fine, it doesn’t need it. However, the best way to solve costly and disruptive problems with air conditioning units to prevent them from occurring by doing planned maintenance. Always arrange, therefore, for an air conditioner specialist to come out and look at it to ensure everything is as it should be. It is the best scheduling this for spring as it means you can solve any problems before summer.

Make Sure the Air Filter is Clean                                                

By far the biggest cause of Air Condition unit breakdowns is dirty air filters. A dirty filter blocks the flow of air, forcing your unit to work harder than it should. To avoid this becoming a serious problem, regularly clean and replace your filters to ensure there is always a steady free flow of air.

Make Sure the Air Vents are Unblocked and Open

Following on nicely from the above, you should also make sure that the air vents in your property are unblocked and kept open. There is a misconception that closing them will help the system to run better, but this can disrupt it and present you with functionality issues.

Look Out for Leaks

When you change your filter or just clean it, have a look around the air conditioner. Look out especially for any signs of leaks. If you spot any, it is best to get in contact with an air conditioner repairs expert like, who can help determine where the leak is and fix it. It could be that the condensation drain line is overfilled and needs to be sorted.

Maintain the Area Around the Interior and Exterior Units

It is not just the units themselves that you need to keep clean, clear, and unobstructed – the area around the condenser unit needs to be free from any grass, debris and dirt. Regularly clean around the area to prevent build-ups and give the same attention to the area around the indoor unit of your air conditioner system.

Know the Right Time to Replace Air Condition unit

It is all very good repairing and fixing the smaller issues with your air conditioning system. By never shutting off the system entirely and by making sensible use of the thermostat settings are just two other examples in addition to the others in this post. However, there are sometimes things that happen to these appliances that are beyond repair. If you think your system may be beyond repair, you need to have it inspected by an expert to ensure there is nothing that can be done to rectify or save it.

When all other options have been exhausted, it may well be time to invest in a replacement. Although this is not cheap, it is more cost-effective than constantly putting money into your Air Condition unit when it clearly is not going to get any better or work properly again.

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