Commercial Refrigeration Installations

Are you looking for a commercial refrigeration installation service? Our industry specialists can install any type of commercial refrigeration system — and we can help you choose the perfect model for your business.
Refrigeration services for all industries
All business types included. So whether you manage a small catering business or a large pharmaceutical factory — we've got you covered.
Site surveys
We'll visit your property and provide a truly bespoke site survey call out, comprehensive analysis, and no-obligation quote.
Full project management
Our commercial fridge installations are carefully project managed. Ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your day-to-day business operations.
Peace of mind
All installations are fully assessed and monitored for reasons of health and safety by our refrigeration engineers. We are also F-GAS accredited for quality assurance.

Let us take care of your refrigeration needs

We do more than just install commercial freezers and refrigeration units. Our specialists design bespoke models from scratch. Along with providing repairs, services and regular maintenance to existing models. 

So if you’ve got a problem — any problem at all — we’ve got you covered. 

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COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION INSTALLATIONYou can count on us to install commercial refrigeration systems that will help your business run more smoothly.

Whether you require new refrigeration solutions or additions or modifications to the units already on-site, we can help. We’ll always make sure that the specifications meet your requirements. 
Here are some great reasons to choose ADK:
And of course, we’ll do all the work outside of your regular business hours. So that you can continue to function uninterrupted and stay productive.


ADK Kooling is an experienced company equipped to cater for projects of up to a single contract value of £500,000.
How do I know which refrigerator is best?

Whether you are looking to have a refrigerator installed in your office, hotel, café or restaurant, you need to choose wisely.  Fridges are expected to work all day, every day, all year.  Therefore, when shopping for a commercial refrigerator, you need to keep in mind the following important suggestions so that you pick the right one for your circumstances.

Where will it be installed?

Do you know where you want to have your fridge installed?  Have you measured the area and found a fridge that will fit safely and practically into that area?  If you haven’t, you should recheck your measurements.

If you are struggling with your measurements and live in London or the South East, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you measure the space for your fridge correctly.

What specific units do I need?

When you are looking to buy refrigeration for your commercial kitchen, you should do it with at least some idea of what you are looking for specifically.  For instance, do you need a stainless steel fridge or something that can be stored under a preparation countertop?

It can be difficult looking for a fridge because of the sheer choice out there, which is why it is important you have an idea of what you need.  Ask your chefs as they are more likely to know and additionally, ask the suppliers. Better yet, ask us! Our experts would be happy to discuss the type that you need, that best suits your environment and situation.

What size unit should I go for?

You need to also ask yourself how much storage space you need and how much storage space you actually have room for in your kitchens.  Will you be storing lots of meat and keeping it cold or will are you only planning to use the fridge for beverages?

If you want to store a lot of food, but want to save as much space as possible, you should opt for a pass-through fridge.  Whereas, if you need to keep preparation food and ingredients cold, choose a worktop, sandwich prep table or pizza prep table with a fridge underneath.  Ultimately, you need to choose the fridge that best matches your particular business needs.

We've provided refrigeration installation services to just about every business you can think of.

Our specialists have years of experience working as commercial and industrial refrigeration installers. Fitting commercial refrigeration equipment on diverse properties ranging from food manufacturers, distribution centres, pharmaceutical corporations, supermarkets, retailers and leisure and public sector clients. We are equipped to cater for projects of up to a single contract value of £500,000.
However, we also love working with smaller businesses and have installed cooling systems in many small stores, catering operations and cafes.
We can install pretty much every type of refrigeration unit available. Including display refrigeration units found in supermarkets, blast chillers, ice machines, coolers, cold rooms and more.

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