Broken fridges aren't cool. But with our rapid engineer repair service, we can be there within 4 hours. Call us now for a free, no-obligation quote.
Popular refrigeration brands we repair include:
Repair Service
Unlike most service contractors, we provide a fully tailored breakdown service to meet your company needs.
We guarantee a superb response times of 4 hours for emergencies (e.g. Coldroom / Server room breakdowns).

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BREAKDOWNS & REPAIRSA quick and professional no-nonsense service

If your commercial refrigerator or freezer has problems, it's better to get it sorted out quickly. So we've put together fully-tailored breakdown service to provide emergency maintenance and repairs. To get working on your company's fridge or freezer in the event of a sudden breakdown.

And if your business is located within Greater London, we can be there in under 4 hours.

Refrigeration Repair
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    Need a new Unit?

    We can design and install a new commercial refrigeration unit for you.

    We’ll work as quickly as we can to avoid disrupting your schedule. And we will have your commercial fridge repairs sorted in no time.

    If you have any questions, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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    COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BREAKDOWNS & REPAIRSWe are here to help you with your commercial refrigeration and freezer repair problems

    Our services are there for everyone. From industrial companies looking for industrial refrigeration repairs and commercial freezer repairs, to branches of local government, cafes and bars. Whoever you are, if you're looking for a fridge repair, we are happy to help.

    The team we have are trained to work fast and efficiently, to get your fridge and freezers up and running at 100% with minimal disruption.

    COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BREAKDOWNS & REPAIRSOur experts have all the necessary equipment and the reliable solutions

    We offer a fast, easy and professional refrigeration repair service for commercial and domestic units. We carry out repairs on all types of refrigeration including:
    Bottle Cooler Repairs
    Display Cabinet Repairs
    Wine Cooler Repairs


    What would cause a commercial refrigerator to stop cooling?

    Often the problem is down to clogged condenser coils, or due to worn our door seals. Condenser coils carry hot gas and are key to keeping a commercial fridge working properly. But sometimes the coils get clogged and the gas doesn’t travel through properly, stopping the fridge from cooling properly.

    Door seals can also wear and tear with time and overuse, allowing cool air to escape. Damaged seals will also stop your refrigerator or freezer from keeping cool.

    Can commercial fridge compressors be repaired?

    Yes, our specialist engineers can easily fix compressors. Internal compressors are one of the most important components in a commercial fridge. They work like motors to circulate and distribute cool air evenly. If faulty, a fridge might soon begin to lose its cooling ability.

    Why is my commercial freezer not freezing?

    This is likely due to the condenser coils being dirty. When they get dirty over time, this can limit the flow of hot gas through the system, reducing the overall cooling power of the freezer. Another common cause is a malfunction with the evaporator fan motor, which can stop air from circulating through the freezer properly.

    Why is my commercial refrigerator freezing?

    Usually, a faulty thermostat is to blame. If the thermostat is not working properly, it cannot accurately gauge the temperature. Which can cause your commercial fridge to freeze.

    How much does commercial fridge repair cost?

    There is no easy answer to this, as the nature of the repairs can vary quite a bit. But we work hard to keep our prices low and competitive, with the added bonus that we don’t have a call out charge. Our quotes are also free.

    COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION BREAKDOWNS & REPAIRSEmergency or no emergency, we're only a phone call away.

    If you have concerns, questions, or just want to talk, one of our service and maintenance engineers will be happy to chat with you. After all, you could be our new favourite commercial client. Contact us today.
    We’ve worked hard for an excellent building services engineering reputation. And pride ourselves on quality customer relationship management.
    So our business-minded independent contractors are ready to please. As a business, your customer satisfaction is our priority. Check out our partnership loyalty program for great customer lifetime value in our services.
    Our surveying and engineering general contractors provide other services. Including HVAC units repair and installation.

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