AC MaintenanceAir ConditioningDecember 12, 2016by ADK5 Tips For Winter Maintenance And Energy Efficiency For Your Air-conditioning system

As the winter months are almost upon us, it is time for you to give special attention to your commercial Air-conditioning system.  You need to winter-proof your air conditioning system not only to protect the business property the system services but also the system itself from the colder, less agreeable weather ahead.

Write Up A Schedule Of Preventive Maintenance

One way of ensuring that your air conditioning system runs efficiently without fail is establishing a maintenance agreement with expert professionals such as the technicians from  As well as ensuring that all seasonal checks are carried out on time, it also means you will have access a priority service if other problems or emergencies arise.  By identifying problems and potential problems as early in the season as possible, it prevents breakdowns and other failures from happening at the worst possible time, like the coldest day of the year.

Calibrate All Thermostats And Calculate The Best Settings For Your Premises

With the harsh cold winter months on the horizon, you should hire a AC technician, from in Wembley, to help you calibrate the thermostats throughout your business premises.  If the thermostats are not close enough to one another, your systems will not be as efficient or worse, could cause cooling and heating at the same time to occur.

Equipment Failures And Leaks Should Be Fixed

Operations directors and actual building owners should work specifically with their AC technician figuring out ways to make their facilities work more efficiently and safely.  As heating is most likely the biggest end use of fuel in your commercial property, it is the first and obvious place to look for energy savings and potential hazards.  It is imperative that you ensure there is no debris in any of the orifices and there are no holes in the heat exchanger.

Make Sure All Economisers Are Functioning Properly

 More than likely, your AC system has been equipped with what is known as an economiser, which is a component that enables the unit to make use of outdoor air for cooling down, providing the fact that the ambient air is down at a specific temperature and humidity below a certain level.  This form of cooling if often known as ‘free cooling’ as it will cool your building without using any energy to run a compressor.  It is crucial that you leave management and maintenance of your economiser to your AC specialist.

Check The Filters And Replace If Necessary

 Air filters, as the name suggests, are designed to catch and dust, debris and other particles that pass through in the air.  The air filter’s condition is directly affected by the quality of air.  Blocked or otherwise dirty air filters can stop continuous air flow and have a  detrimental effect on the whole AC system.  You should seriously consider changing your air conditioner air filters at least 3 to 4 times a year.  By spending more on high quality filters you can save on replacement and maintenance costs in the long run, as well as providing a much better quality of indoor air.

As you can see, there are various considerations to make with regards to controlling energy costs and keeping your business AC system running throughout the winter months.  It is crucial that you work and liaise closely with your AC technician, who will help to identify problems before they occur and perform maintenance sooner rather than later, helping you to avoid costly breakdown repair costs.  Make entirely sure that the proposed preventative maintenance place has been tailor-made with your business and the unique needs of your premises in mind.

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