The History of Air Conditioning

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The first air conditioning systems were used for industrial as well as comfort air conditioning. Eastman Kodak installed the first air conditioning system in 1891 in Rochester, New York for the storage of photographic films.

The first domestic air conditioning system was installed in a house in Frankfurt in 1894. The widespread development of air conditioning is attributed to the American scientist and industrialist Willis Carrier who designed a central air conditioning plant using air washer in 1904


The ADK Kooling Air Conditioning Department specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial / domestic air conditioning systems. ADK is a London based air conditioning contractor, providing high quality air conditioning solutions, services and maintenance across London

Our team of specialists can assist you through every stage of the process. Our air conditioning services include:

  • consultation and system design,
  • air conditioning installation to commissioning,
  • air conditioning maintenance.
  • air conditioning repair

Our One-Stop Service approach allows our clients to relax and be at ease with a contractor that they can trust.

If you have an existing system our team can provide you with regular maintenance, reactive repairs, and air conditioning inspections (legally required as of 2007 for systems with rated cooling outputs over 12kW).

To find out more, or to request a quotation you can call our team of specialists on 0208 8318900 orĀ email us.