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Breakdowns and HVAC Repairs

Having problems with your ventilation and air conditioning? Our rapid HVAC repair service team can be with you at your home or business in under 4 hours.

Popular brands our HVAC technicians repair include:

HVAC Repairs

A quick and professional, no-nonsense HVAC repair service

If there are problems with your air conditioning systems it’s best to sort them out quickly. So we’ve put together a team of air conditioning experts to do just that. Our professionals are fully trained and qualified to carry out emergency maintenance and repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Our repair work extends to both commercial businesses and domestic homeowners. And if you live in London we can be there in under 4 hours.

We cater to all types and sizes of homes and businesses including cafes and bars to local government. If you require an air-conditioning repair, contact us now.


We provide a whole range of services including HVAC installations, servicing, maintenance contracts, and more.

We will work as quickly as we can to avoid disrupting your schedule. And we’ll have your AC unit repairs fixed in no time.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or pop us a message. We’re always happy to help.

Call Us: 020 3974 1419


Our HVAC technicians have all the necessary equipment and reliable solutions

We aim to make your repairs as fast and as conveniently as possible. Whether you’ve got a fault with a commercial or domestic unit, we can fix it.

Common issues we work on include:

AC Fixing

We are here to help you with your air conditioning repair problems

Our services are there for everyone. From homeowners to office spaces, cafes and gyms, to large industrial facilities. Whoever you are — if you need a call out, we are ready to help.

The AC repair team we have are trained to work fast and with minimal disruption. To get your ventilation systems up and running 100% as soon as possible.

HVAC units tend to start making unusual noises, such as rattling or buzzing when they start to break down. In some instances these noises may only sound as you turn the unit on or off.

Loud noises such as whistling or grinding can signal big problems. Whereas a rattling might just indicate that a small part has come loose in the cooling system.

The most common problems are caused by a lack of maintenance. They include dirty filters, thermostat malfunctions, blow fuses or tripped breakers, faulty heat pumps, refrigerant gas leaks and dirty condenser or evaporator coils.

It depends on how old your HVAC unit is and how energy-efficient you want it to be. We recommend replacing a HVAC unit every 10 to 15 years. So if repairing it will only give you a couple more years, it might make more sense to get it replaced. You might also want to consider replacing it if you can replace it for a model that’s a lot better at saving energy. Technology moves fast, and even if it’s a little more money to upgrade, you will almost certainly save quite a bit of money in the long run on energy bills.

The price will depend on how extensive the damage is to the HVAC system and the extent of the repairs needed to get it back to 100%. However we believe our rates are very cost-effective and competitive. A rough number for a typical commercial HVAC unit repair may be between £95 + vat and £250 + vat for a typical domestic air-con unit. For an exact price, visit our contact us page for a free, instant quote.

Air Con Repairs

Fresh air never felt so good with our HVAC system repair service

Emergency or no emergency, we’re only a phone call away. If you’re worried about your heating and air conditioning system, get in touch today.

For professional work that is warranty covered and pricing that is cost-effective, please consider us for your HVAC repairs.

We do more than just domestic AC fixing or commercial air conditioning repairs. Check out our other service pages to do with commercial air conditioning services, air conditioning installations and HVAC maintenance.

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