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Blast Chillers

Blast chillers are essential for the rapid chilling of food items and for maintaining good hygiene and health standards.

We sell a range of blast chillers and also carry out blast chiller repairs and maintenance plans for all our customers.

Restaurants & Catering

We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants and catering businesses, big and small. So you can count on us to deliver innovative and reliable solutions.

Site Survey

We’ll come to your business or premises and let you know what we think is the best blast chiller for your situation.


Adaptable blast chillers that are built for the real world — made to last and to exceed demand

From small 10kg under counter systems to larger 320kg+ modular roll-in units, we can provide a range of blast chillers for every application. Our products are ideally suited to every sector. And can already be found in lots of hospitals, pubs, schools and restaurants in Greater London and the South-East area.

Our blast chillers are easy to use, efficient, reliable, and come with some of the latest advanced airflows to ensure maximum hygiene and safety standards.

Contact us now to speak to our Blast Chiller Refrigeration Experts today. Request a Site Survey.

We can service and repair your blast chiller.

We’ll work as quickly as we can to avoid disrupting your schedule. Whether you are looking for a blast chiller installation or a repair, our engineers will have it sorted in no time.

If you have any questions, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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We also provide blast chiller repairs, maintenance and general servicing. To make sure it’s always working as it should be

There’s never a good time for a blast chiller to break. And we know they are very important for your business. That’s why we make it our priority to get one of our expert team members out to you as soon as possible. And mostly within the hour if you’re situated in Greater London.

Our experts carry lots of spare tools and components, so you won’t have to be waiting around while we arrange for other parts.

We also have a commercial refrigeration Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheme with our customers. We offer discounts and make regular visits to check up on your blast chiller. Making sure to fix it up before it ever breaks.

Even if you haven’t purchased a blast chiller with us, our experts are always ready to help if there’s a fault. We have worked on all of the big manufacturers, including Foster, Williams, Irinox, Blizzard, Polar and more.


The benefits of a Blast Chiller for your business

ADK Kooling is an experienced company equipped to cater for projects of up to a single contract value of £500,000.

As soon as any food is cooked, it starts to lose its most appealing qualities.  This happens because of the bacterial growth that naturally occurs during the cooling period.  In order to maintain food quality, it is crucial to lower food deterioration as much as possible by controlling the temperature, time and humidity.

A blast chiller or freezer will help you do this.  When you use the right chilling method, appearance and taste along with the natural goodness and vitamins of produces are preserved alongside the nutrients, aroma, colour, texture and of course, flavour.

Food can very quickly reduce in weight and size through moisture loss due to time-scales, humidity, ambient temperature and food type.  Blast chillers and freezers can dramatically reduce the amount of dehydration caused to products by stopping natural evaporation from happening, something that happens when food is left cooling in a normal environment.

A company can offer a more extensive menu to their customers if they are able to prepare food before busy periods of business using blast chillers.  Kitchen resources including staff and equipment can then be used during the down periods to provide a wider array of items on the menu.

As a result, service will naturally be enhanced as the kitchen staff will have lots more time to concentrate on providing the full menu of carefully presented dishes.

Once you have a blast chiller or freezer installed by a specially qualified blast freezer installer like the engineers at, and it is used properly it should become a crucial piece of equipment.

For increasing the scale of purchasing ingredients and producing larger batches. With a blast chiller, you can safely store pre-prepared food during the times staff are less busy. They also enable you to buy larger quantities of ingredients that can then be prepared and chilled in storage without any worry about food waste or losing any of the goodness of the ingredients.

Blast chillers can also help to save energy by encouraging more efficient use of cooking equipment.  It is not secret, that blast chillers are notoriously bad for consuming large amounts of energy compared to more traditional freezers and chillers.  However, if they are used at full capacity storing and chilling a large amount of food, they can actually become energy saving appliances.

As you can see there are many good reasons to consider purchasing either a blast freezer or blast chiller for your business.  They can help you improve and increase food production and sales and prevent you losing money in the form of food waste.

The purpose of both blast freezers and blast chillers is to quickly lower the temperature of food or food products to below freezing — and sometimes the words are used interchangeably.

But there is a difference. Blast chillers and blast freezers are essentially super fridges and freezers. They are designed to quickly lower food down to the right storage temperature. This helps to keep the food well preserved and to reduce bacterial growth. So chilled products would go in the blast chiller.

Both blast chillers and blast freezers are commonly used in commercial kitchens such as restaurants and in food processing industries.

Usually around +3 °C and +5 °C. Though this can change depending on the manufacturer of the blast chiller, and also due to the current temperature of the food being chilled. Along with other settings.

Blast chillers use powerful compressors to rapidly bring down the internal temperature of goods placed within them. This rapid compression quickly replaces any air that makes it inside the blast chiller, removing any bacteria and keeping the items stored inside safe and hygienic.

Blast chillers also have very powerful fans to cool food items evenly and rapidly, by blowing a continuous stream of ice-cold air throughout the entire unit.

Blast chillers come in all ranges of sizes and practicalities. Smaller countertop models can start from as little as £1,300. And the largest units can be over £5,000.

What’s important is that you find the right model for your business situation. Regardless of initial cost, choosing the right model will soon make economic sense in the medium to long-term.

Equip your business or premises with the perfect blast chiller — for easier, safer and more efficient cold food storage

We mainly operate in London, the M25 and surrounding areas. But we are expanding all the time, and now regularly operate in Essex and Hertfordshire.
If you’re close or even sort of near-by, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss blast chillers with you, and answer any questions you might have.
We regularly blog about blast chillers to answer all the questions that our customers so often ask. Check here for more information on how blast chillers work, the benefits of having a blast chiller, and for a closer look at how blast freezers function.

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