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For any commercial business, restaurant or property, having planned HVAC inspections are an essential part of operations and if left ignored can cause serious disasters and breakdowns along with health and safety concerns. This guide highlights our top 3 reasons for a regular HVAC inspection, along with the benefits.

An efficient HVAC inspection involves a thorough test and review of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Performing regular HVAC inspections and maintenance is essential when it comes to optimizing the performance and lifespan of your building’s heating and cooling equipment. Without proper maintenance, you may encounter a number of problems that inconvenience both you, your building occupants, and ultimately your wallet.

Within the HVAC industry, this is known as ‘Preventative Maintenance’, whereby for a relatively small annual investment – you can save money in the long-term, breathe cleaner air, enjoy increased safety, and comfort in your business whilst also keeping your employees and customers happy.

PPM is a proactive approach which helps to minimise partial or complete unit failure, thus minimising disruption to your business. By having a PPM check in place it can help prepare your business to avoid any disasters or repairs from a system failure.


Higher HVAC Efficiency & Fewer Breakdowns

Upon having your HVAC system inspected, there is a chance your building’s system may need to be cleaned depending on the last time it was inspected. In most workplaces or business environments, there are a lot of air pollutants and contaminants generated which are pulled into the HVAC systems and recirculated into the air. 

Over time they have the potential to collect large amounts of dust and particles which can clog up the systems, fans and ductwork, leading to higher energy consumption and higher electricity costs. Low efficiency also forces your system to work harder, eventually shortening its life. There is even a chance for complete system failure. This is something you will want to avoid as a complete HVAC system replacement is not cheap.


Saves You Money in the Long-term

By performing regular HVAC inspections, replacement parts, and even prevent a situation where you need to replace a whole HVAC system. 

Not only are you saving money in the long term by avoiding expensive repairs, but an efficiently working HVAC system will also save you money on your energy bills. Healthy working environments and clean air can also reduce employee sickness and absences, essentially ensuring your staff is healthy and productive.

At ADK, we understand the importance of early detection and repair of your commercial HVAC equipment. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance programs ensure that your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is always working efficiently, reducing the likelihood of costly failure in the future.


Benefits of HVAC Inspections:

The main benefit of having regular HVAC inspections is that your air conditioning and refrigeration systems will have fewer breakdowns and require fewer repairs in the long-term. Inspections, or planned maintenance, aims to extend the life cycle of your HVAC assets, acting as a preemptive approach that will save you money on reactive emergency repair callouts.

Another key benefit is that your building’s HVAC system will be inspected to ensure it remains legal and F-GAS compliant. Failure to meet these requirements can have catastrophic impacts on your business and is something you would want to avoid.

Regular inspections can also help lower your energy consumption leading to further savings in the long-term. With the added benefit of cleaner air circulation, you will also have less customer/employee complaints. By signing up for an HVAC inspection you can protect your business and ensure that you are always getting the best performance out of your commercial HVAC systems.

At ADK, planned preventative maintenance visits can be arranged with clients tailored to their personal requirements within a timescale to suit their business needs and budgets. Tailoring our works for minimal disruption to your schedule, we’ll ensure that your refrigeration unit is maintained and that your cooling system is always working to the best of its capabilities, as efficiently as possible.

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