Gas BoilersMay 20, 2019by ADKTop Tips for When Buying a New Commercial Gas Boiler

This useful guide has been put together by the experts at ADK to help new prospective buyers when looking to replace their old Commercial Gas boiler. We outline a few key areas for consideration to help you get the best out of your replacement boiler.

So, after multiple repairs and rising energy costs, you’ve now decided to invest in a new commercial gas boiler for your business. Which means saying goodbye to that old inefficient boiler and hello to a brand spanking new energy-efficient model.

Naturally, the decision to go out and buy a new commercial boiler can be difficult to say the least, especially with so many different makes and models available on the market. Not to mention the expensive cost it brings when removing the existing heating unit installing the new one. Therefore choosing the right boiler for your budget is vitally important.

As a rule of thumb, if your boiler is in excess of 10 years old, even if it seems to be working well, it could be time to invest in a newer A-grade high-efficiency model. Here at ADK Kooling, we’ve come up with our top tips and advice to help you successfully source a new gas boiler.


A new gas boiler is an important purchase for any business, therefore knowing what you are looking for can help tremendously before parting with your hard-earned cash. By researching online and identifying the type of boiler required will help you narrow down your choices and also help you find a unit within budget.

If you are unsure as to what type of replacement boiler you require, our engineers at ADK will be more than happy to assist. Simply contact us today.


When it comes to buying and installing a new Commercial Gas Boiler, you must take into consideration of not only the cost of the unit but for the installation costs as well. The price of the boiler unit will, in fact, depend on a few things: the brand, the type, and the size of the boiler you request to have installed.

Ensure that you ask your Gas Boiler installation expert for any additional charges towards supply for installation. Many times, the installer would need items such as pipes, cables, gas for the unit and other technical items.

At ADK Kooling, we always inform our customers regarding additional costs of supply and our technicians are happy to explain what is needed and why. This will help you plan better towards the installation and avoid any last-minute costs.


In the UK, you have a lot of choices when it comes down to selecting a commercial gas boiler installation company. Although the Gas Safe register is the first place you should visit for gas boiler repair engineers, there are many different companies to choose from. Picking the right one can be tricky because no one wants to go through the nightmare of dealing with a bad workman.

Remember though to check their Gas Safe ID card when they arrive because not all engineers are qualified to do all types of work, for instance, they may only be certified to work on electric boiler repairs.

It is important that you as well as the installer checks for gas leakages and cooling, post-installation. At ADK, our well trained and credible installers wait for the entire process; they do not hurry and provide absolute assistance to the customer.

In any of the situations above, it is best if you hire professional Gas Boiler experts for your repairs or replacements. is a London-based firm, serving both domestic and commercial Gas Boiler installation and repairs in and around London. Our Gas Safe certified engineers have lots of experience and are fully qualified to deal with commercial Gas Boiler repairs and installations.

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