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Heating, ventilation and air cooling system provides comfort to both your business’s employees and customers. It is an integral part of many professional workplaces and buying or repairing a unit requires in-depth knowledge and skill, but how do you know which HVAC company is right for you?

When it comes to selecting an HVAC company it is important you conduct a company check, specifically for their experience, qualified credentials, and any references or customer reviews. Here, Google can be your best friend and you will thank yourself later for that quick search.

The truth is that all of these are important when choosing an HVAC company. This is why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you make a smart choice and hire an HVAC company that is best for you.

5 Easy Steps to Take When Choosing an HVAC Company

Check Their Experience: As mentioned above, it’s in your best interest to work with up to date and experienced contractors. When conducting your company search, check to see if they are providing you with the latest HVAC brand and models which are approved with current UK FGAS laws and legislation. One of the biggest purchasing mistakes is to end with an old model whereby replacement parts are expensive or no longer manufactured.

Check their Credentials: Most established contractors are properly certified. REFCOM is the market leader for F Gas certification for HVAC technicians that will ensure their work quality through validation and continuing education. All certifications should be up to date. Be sure to check whether the company is correctly certified, qualified and insured before you agree to start any work.

Ask for Estimates: Always ask around and get a few prices you can compare and make an informed decision. Getting the best price is always good, but you should make sure you are getting the best service with that price.

Most HVAC companies will be happy to quote you in advance but it is important to identify whether the quotation is for the unit only or whether it also includes installation. You should only consider asking for pricing after finding the most qualified company from your research. In the end, it will save you money.

Check their Online Reviews: Online reviews are great for finding out how the company has recently performed and what level of service was received. Many businesses use Online Reviews to showcase their work and happy customers however there are companies out there who pay for fake reviews so it is important to only consider third-party site reviews which are usually confirmed, customers.

If you are struggling to find positive customer reviews on popular sites such as Google, Yelp or Yell then you should consider hiring another company. Good and not so good reviews can be the determining factor for which HVAC firm you choose. There are also other websites such as Checkatrade which can also help you vet a company’s background.

Check their Support infrastructure: When deciding to work with an HVAC company it is not only important to check the companies credentials but also as important to check their support infrastructure. By this, we mean the level of after-care service available to you after installation. Does the company have a support line dedicated to emergencies? Is the company’s phone lines available 24/7? How easy is it to get in contact with them?

When an Air-conditioning or Refrigeration unit has broken down it can have a huge impact on the day to day running of your business, especially if you are storing perishable goods, so it is vital you are able to contact emergency engineers to help resolve your issue.

Use our checklist to help you choose an HVAC company that’s right for you. Do not forget to ask about warranties and satisfaction guarantees. It’s important to get advice from an experienced professional who can evaluate your site and make proper recommendations for your unique situation. is a London-based firm, serving both domestic and commercial HVAC-R requirements in and around London. Our FGAS certified engineers have lots of experience and are fully qualified to deal with commercial HVAC-R repairs and installations.

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