Ice MachinesMay 20, 2019by ADKWhy Is My Commercial Ice Machine Not Making Ice?

Commercial Ice Machine is great – instant ice on demand! However, when you have a problem with your Ice Machine, don’t be so quick to make that service repair call to the engineers just yet. Try out these simple troubleshooting tips and fixes first to save yourself money and frustration.

Ice makers do fail. It’s an unfortunate reality of owning a commercial Ice Machine. Overtime after constant use it is normal for your Ice Machine to throw up some faults now and again. However, on the bright side, Ice makers are also relatively simple machines that, for the most part, all operate the same way. And you may be able to diagnose and repair a faulty ice maker yourself before calling in the experts.

There can be a few reasons as to why your commercial ice maker has stopped making ice. Believe it or not, the process of freezing water is tougher than it seems. The first thing we advise to check is the power supply and water supply. If these are in working order then move onto the next steps.

Check if there is enough breathing room for your Ice Machine

For most kitchens and commercial retail spaces, we know that space can be sparse however, even ice machines need a little room to breathe and operate efficiently. Air-cooled ice machines need at least 6 inches of clearance for optimal airflow and ice making.

Check to see if your Compressor making noises?

Signs that your Ice Machine compressor is working overtime and may need replacing can be identified by the noise it makes. Usually, compressors can be descaled and repaired back to working order however it can be best to ask a qualified engineer to make the assessment for you, especially if you are unsure how to identify the tell-tale signs.

Have you cleaned your Ice Machine recently?

With any Ice Machine, it is important to regularly clean your machine and replace the filter. No one wants to use or drink dirty ice. Not only will scale, microscopic mineral deposits, cause your commercial ice machine to work less efficiently, but it’s also one of the most common causes of ice machine failure.

Always check the machine manufacturer recommendations and clean accordingly. To minimise scale build-up, replace the filter every six months, at minimum. Scale can be safely removed with specially formulated scale removal products.

Check the Condenser coils in your Ice Machine

Of course, if your condenser coils are dusty or oily, warm air cannot be effectively filtered out and away from your machine. The heat from filthy condenser coils can affect the production of ice. Dust particles can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth. Grease is a little tougher and may require a chemical or specially formulated cleaning solution if the situation is particularly bad.

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