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Air Conditioning installation is nowadays considered more than mere convenience but as an important part of managing comfort and clean air circulation. This transformative technology has allowed businesses to reshape where and how efficient their employees work. 

By a push of a button, we can make our environments warmer or cooler depending on the temperature requirements and business needs. A comfortable working environment often leads to improved morale and productivity of the workforce, especially during the hot summer months where concentration & comfortability can be hindered.

Not only does Air Conditioning provide comfort but also leads to a better quality of life and health. This blog article looks at 3 places that can benefit from Air Conditioning Installation whilst outlining the key benefits which come with our beloved AC systems.


Workplaces & Offices

Due to the nature of commercial office buildings and workplaces, air quality can be greatly affected by dust and pollutants which is why it’s important to consider a high-quality air conditioning system to improve the overall air quality. In doing so, colds, coughs and other air-borne viruses can be prevented, especially in large busy offices where illnesses can spread affecting absence rates and staff calling in sick.

All air conditioners feature unique filters which help to purify the atmosphere dramatically reducing the amount of dust and bacteria in the air. By having a high-quality air conditioning unit installed in your office or workplace, employees will benefit from breathing in clean air and optimum working environment temperatures. For those with respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies, an AC unit will vastly benefit them as pollen and other outdoor irritants are efficiently filtered out. 

Another key benefit of Air Con installation in the workplace includes adjustable comfort to staff. Nowadays the majority of AC system can quickly adjust to rapid changes in temperature keeping the working environment at a perfect temperature by redistributing heat to cooler parts of a building and visa-versa. 


Schools & Universities

One of the places that will benefit the most from air conditioning installation are schools & universities. The learning environment is just as important as learning, students are trying to concentrate and pass exams and a negative working environment will have an effect on pupil performance as well as behaviour. This is a key reason as to why schools often take HVAC and Air conditioning seriously, especially when school exam marks at reputation are considered.

Air conditioning offers both teachers and students a comfortable learning environment, not only in the summer months but also in the cold winter months where heating is vital. In the UK, there is no maximum temperature which requires a school to close, unlike severe cold weather when an establishment has to close down once it is below a certain temperature. Over the years the number of students in classrooms has increased and this overcrowding can lead to intolerable high temperatures. 

High levels of concentration are required throughout the school day and when students are exposed to hot temperatures, their ability to focus and learn becomes very difficult. Not only are the students affected but also the teachers which is why here at ADK we recommend and advise schools to invent in Air Conditioning systems which can heat and cool the entire school in order to keep temperatures stable throughout the day. 


Restaurants & Bars

For restaurants & bars, customers are their number one priority and their levels of comfort must be high in order for them to enjoy their experience and food in order to return again. If in any way customers experience any form of inconvenience or discomfort this could lead to negative reviews, especially in today’s day and age where social media can make or break both your business and revenue. 

For restaurants to successfully create a pleasant working environment for their customers they should consider installing a high-quality air conditioning system. Not only will this benefit customers but also restaurant staff and chefs working in the busy kitchen where temperatures can skyrocket. It has been said that customers love to stay in places where the temperature is just right. All restaurant owners want their customers to feel welcome when they visit and first impressions are very important as they seek a complete dining experience worth coming back for. 

Quality of service can also be greatly improved as having an air conditioning will create a better working environment that is conducive to providing an excellent service, especially for staff that are required to wear a dress code. By installing a new air conditioning unit, with better features and new filters, it can help improve the ventilation of your entire establishment. It also reduces the heat coming from the kitchen and furnace, regulating the temperature in other areas keeping both staff and customers happy and comfortable.

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