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There is nothing quite like a cool and refreshing drink with ice cubes, to take the edge off a hot summer day’s rising temperature. Although in the past, an ice maker was seen as a piece of equipment only really suitable for commercial purposes. However, as the technology has improved, units and machines have shrunk along with the prices; ice machines are now more fashionable than ever, in both commercial and residential settings.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not you could benefit from an ice machine, we have put together a list of places that can benefit from them.

At Home

As noted in the opening paragraphs, in the past ice machines may have been strictly used in commercial businesses such as restaurants, cafes and bars/pubs; they can now be used at home too. While your fridge freezer at home may have its own ice maker, these do not tend to last very long and only produce a small amount of ice at any one time.

Having a fully dedicated ice machine therefore, can be a great addition to your home. Whether it is just for general day to day use, or when you are socialising with large groups of family and/or friends. Can you imagine how much better a BBQ in your back garden would be if you had an ice machine that everyone could use to help themselves to refreshing drinks.

Staff Canteen

Along with the usual appliances such as a coffee machine and a microwave, the addition of an ice machine in a staff canteen or break room, may seem a little unnecessary, but consider the benefits. It could help to improve the morale of your workforce. Your employees will appreciate your efforts to make their working conditions more comfortable.

Catering And Hospitality

As you will know, it is important within the catering and hospitality industry to keep foods and produce at the appropriate temperatures. There are specific foods, for instance, that need to be maintained at the correct temperature to prevent bacteria from developing and preserve the taste, texture and look.

Some catering and hospitality companies have realised the benefit of investing in an ice machine for events to ensure they have a supply of ice that won’t run out. It is possible, with portable units, to plug them into a power outlet within a catering van or vehicle, for instance, to make ice while en route to an event.

Hotel Rooms

Another great use for ice machines is in hotel rooms. Whether it’s just for ensuring guests have ice to enjoy cool and refreshing everyday drinks or for more extravagant drinks for celebrations and special occasions such as champagne and other drinks that are better served ice cold.

Important Considerations

Before you decide to have an ice machine installed in your home or business premises, though, you need to give thought to whether or not you will be able to keep up with the regular maintenance that owning and running one of these helpful appliances require.

When you don’t look after ice machines properly, it can lead to bacteria and germs growing and other, more technical issues like break downs and a less effective machines.

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