Air ConditioningMay 9, 2018by ADK5 Air Conditioner Installation Tips All Homeowners Should Follow

If you require a replacement or completely new air conditioning system installation, relying on the services of a specialist and professional team of HVAC technicians, such as those that work for, a Wembley-based British company, can be a smart decision. Not only will your air conditioning be installed successfully, but it was also be installed in a timely and as unobstructed manner as possible.

However, if you choose to go with anything less than a professional team of technicians, you could be racing the risk of having to payout constantly for repairs further down the line, warranties that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on and violating local council regulations.

When we have those muggier days during summer, even if the sunshine isn’t blasting down on us, the last thing you want is a problematic air conditioner. Therefore, you want to ensure that your system is installed professionally. To help you when you are arranging for an air conditioning system installation, we will outline 5 service tips that everyone should put into practice, but very often don’t.

On The Day Of Installation

The installation day, and this is not an exaggeration, is probably the most crucial day in the life of your air conditioning system. All future use is determined by the installation process. If something is not quite right or carried out in the correct way when it is installed, it may mean that your system is installed to fail.

You need to ensure that the HVAC team you hire is a credible and trustworthy one, to prevent any problems arising in the future.

Fully Insured And Licensed Contractor

When you don’t choose a fully licensed HVAC contractor, you are putting the work involved with your air conditioning installation into untrustworthy hands and you could face problems as a result. Once you have checked out their licensing is all above board, you should also request insurance from them. Specifically, liability insurance. This protects you and your property and means that if one of the technicians working on your air conditioning installation completes the work insufficiently or causing damage to your home or possessions, you are able to carry out legal proceedings.

Do They Have Necessary Permits?

Generally, HVAC contractors need various permits to be able to carry out their services, like installing your air conditioning unit. This helps protect you and the local neighbourhood from dangerous work being carried out by people that do not have the relevant experience to do so.

Protective Warranties

The warranties that are offered by manufacturers and service providers exist as a protection for both the air conditioning installation company and you, the homeowner. Many companies write up warranties though that slip through the cracks and are designed in a very specific way that means they expire before you have really began using your air conditioner. A good tip when deciding whether a warranty is providing you with adequate cover or not, it should be at the very minimum for one year.

Avoid Using Subcontractors

It is much better in the long run and particularly for your own peace of mind that you use the services of an HVAC installation company that only uses their own technicians, directly employed by the company themselves. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get an inferior service if you hire a company that uses subcontractors, you are more than likely going to have a better level of service from a company that employs their own technicians. Not only will they be fully insured, licensed and trained, but their backgrounds will have been thoroughly tested and vetted, before they can enter any of their customer’s homes.

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