ColdroomJanuary 23, 2018by ADK5 Great Benefits Of Cold Rooms

A cold room is an excellent place to store fresh good such as fruit and vegetables, as well as other produce too, because it helps to increase the lifespan of products and stops them from spoiling. They store goods at a lower temperature than standard room temperature and they are therefore the ideal choice for perishable item storage. If you are not entirely convinced you need a cold room for your business, in the following post we will look at some great benefits that may convince you.

Wide Range Of Uses

As cold rooms have adjustable temperatures, they can be used for a variety of functions, such as a blast freezer for quickly freezing products or a drying room for products that have moisture content that needs to be maintained. They are also airtight, which means they provide protection for produce stored inside from weather and temperature changes on the outside. Furthermore, because these units generally have adjustable temperatures, they can function as a dehumidifier to dry out and control moisture when products need to be stored in dry storage.

Fully Customisable Settings And Sizes

The technology behind cold room storage has evolved and improved over the years so that now you will find that there are many different types and sizes of these units available. Custom cold room units can be fitted to meet the specific refrigeration needs of your business. Whether you need to keep items frozen or just dry and cool, you will be able to find a unit that can provide this functionality for you. They can also be constructed in specific shapes and sizes to fit in the available space you have.

Increases Your Free Space

It is a constant balancing act trying to have enough storage space and space to move around. Depending on the kind of business you run, a cold room is another challenge, as internal coolers can take up space that could be used for other important tasks such as cooking and food preparation. In addition to the extra space they take up, they often raise the temperature wherever they are located because of the extra heat generated while they are operational. However, if you have a cold room installation outside of the building or in a specific place away from your main cooking area, this extra heat and the issue of space can be solved.

Accessibility and Backup

It is not just extra storage that a cold room installation will give you, but it can also provide protection for your products. When there is a power cut, produce and other things inside your refrigerators and coolers can be moved into your cold room. Because they are airtight, they will remain at a lower temperature for longer, keeping your products safe. Cold rooms can also be designed and installed to meet your own specific requirements. If you need easy access for instance, you can have free-standing storage racks set up that can be moved in and out when you are refilling or emptying the unit.

Save Money

When food is not stored properly, it can spoil easily and it is likely you have had the experience of having to throw away food that you wish you didn’t have to. A cold room will help you to avoid the wasted money by reducing the chance of food spoiling. If you need to store fruits and vegetables at the right temperature and also want to control the moisture levels to ensure the produce lasts as long as possible, you can do this with most cold room installations. This will obviously help to save you money, as you will not have to throw as much stuff away.

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