ColdroomMarch 14, 2016by ADK5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Coldroom

There may not be anything particularly exciting about a big room that can hold food and ingredients at very low temperatures.  However, if you have a cold room installation, by London based for instance, with the correct specification it can be a very valuable addition to your kitchen or food production set-up.  In the following post we will discuss 5 basic points when it comes to specification that will ensure you get the best coldroom installation for your business.

Be Completely Clear With What You Need A Coldroom For

Even before you discuss with a company such as regarding installation, you need to have a very clear idea of what you need a coldroom for and how it will fit in with your business on a day to day basis.  When you eventually make contact with suppliers, don’t be afraid to ask them as many questions as you need to.  If a particular coldroom supplier cannot answer a question or to the degree you would like, speak to a different supplier.

Ensure The Coldroom Specification You Settle On Is In Line With Your Operational Requirements

It is crucial that the coldroom specification you decide upon is fully in line with the operational requirements of your business and that you understand how and what that space will be used for.   This is key to ensuring that you buy the best coldroom specification and that it is used to its fullest potential.

Make Coldroom Calculations

 When you are planning or designing your coldroom, or the supplier you are working with is aiding you with this – the key considerations to make are capacity, space and application.  It is also important to consider the volume, quality of food that needs to be stored and the duration it needs to be stored for.  You should ideally be looking to work with a coldroom installation company in the London SW11 area that can fully manage the project including initial surveys of the site, comprehensive approval drawings, method and risk statements, installation, testing and commissioning.

Not All Coldrooms Are Designed And Installed Equally

There is a serious misconception that in terms of performance and quality, coldrooms are equal.  According to many of the industry’s top suppliers, many people just see a coldroom as a white box that keeps things cold and therefore they are all the same, and that if you spend less on one you aren’t going to lose out.  Whereas the truth is that this means many companies and businesses do not spend enough on their coldrooms.  Although they are basically a white box, there are other essential elements that you should look out for when buying coldrooms.  For example, in order to ensure that your coldroom lasts as long as 25 years, you need to ensure you buy an installation that includes antibacterial powder coating and a cam lock, which are also crucial for hygienic reasons.

At all costs you should avoid opting for the cheaper side of your budget and budget wisely.  A coldroom  being cheaper generally means things are missing and therefore if you come across an installation that is a lot cheaper than others you have been quoted for you should ask – what exactly is missing?  It’s the small things that often make the biggest amount of difference.  For instance a cheaper coldroom may not have a counter-balanced door meaning the stored food is not kept at the right temperature if the door is left open.

Size Isn’t The Most Important Thing

When it comes to coldroom installations, size is definitely not the most important factor to consider.  It is likely that the majority of people reading this had figured that the bigger and taller a coldroom the better, as it would be able to store more, but this is not true.  However, if you have a large coldroom but not enough efficiently designed storage systems for the room, a lot of the space will be wasted.

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