Blast ChillersFebruary 4, 2016by ADKBoost food and drink sales with a chiller cabinet

Boost food and drink sales with a chiller cabinet

Understanding the needs and desires of your customers is the key to good retailing. Making sure that you have the answer to their problem right their in the store is sure to invite a purchase, and a lot of work goes into the psychology of displaying goods as a result. If your retail business deals in food sales and you hope to boost the till’s intake with extra sales, it might be worth investing in a good chiller cabinet or display cooler from ADK Kooling in Wembley, London.

As experienced refrigeration engineers, we work with top quality equipment and fit the best products for any purpose. We understand how to make a safe, reliable and attractive chilled display or storage unit that meets its purpose and looks great in any environment.

Choosing a chiller cabinet from ADK Kooling

Our refrigeration engineers in Wembley and London are here to deliver great products from top manufacturers, and to fit them for you quickly and safely. Every technician on our team goes through rigorous training and is covered by our comprehensive insurance, so you can be sure the job is in safe hands. We work closely with you to identify your exact needs, and go through all the possible solutions until we find something you like. Once you have made your choice, our cooling technicians in London get to work and produce a great result for you.

Making a sale with fresh produce

Chiller cabinets have been proven to catch the eye of customers around mealtimes, when they are looking for fresh food to eat at their desk or on the move. Having chilled display units in your store or restaurant will entice them to select these products and will give every customer the chance to eat fresh from the shelf. This is a great way to encourage additional sales, and also to show off your best products. Make the most of marketing techniques by utilising your display units to their fullest.

If you think a chiller cabinet might be a good choice for your own retail premises or other workplace, get in touch with the team at ADK Kooling today. Our refrigeration specialists will talk you through the options available to you and help you come to an informed decision completed by us quickly and for a very competitive price, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

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