ColdroomNovember 6, 2018by ADK7 Tips for Ensuring Your Coldroom Is Working Properly

One of important things you need to get right when you have a coldroom installation is that it is kept to the correct temperature always. It is not only crucial for ensuring that your food and ingredients are stored safely, but to keep with the running costs too. If you are looking for some advice for owning and running a coldroom installation, you’ve come to the right place. In the following post we are going to look at some very helpful tips that will ensure your coldroom storage unit is running as efficiently as it possibly can.

Keep the Condenser Unit Clean

In order for it to do its job effectively, your condenser unit needs to be kept clean and free from debris and dust to ensure it gets the maximum airflow. The purpose of the condenser unit is to remove unwanted excess heat from the cold room, so it’s crucial that you schedule cleaning and maintenance for it on a regular basis.

Make Sure the Doors Properly Sealed

In a similar way to fridges and freezers, if either the doors or the seals on them are not working properly, cool air can escape. This means that the cooling system in your cold room installation will have to work a lot harder to keep the internal temperature down. This in turn means that the running costs for your coldroom will increase. Therefore, if you notice any damage or cracks to the seals or the doors or they are not staying securely closed, you need to have them replaced as quickly as possible.

Regularly Check the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils in a coldroom help to reduce the temperature of the air. They do this by using a refrigerant to absorb any excess heat. Therefore, to fully maximise the productivity of your cold room and the evaporator coil, you need to make sure it does not have any restrictions to its airflow. Clean and maintain it regularly to stay on top of it.

Closely Monitor the Cold Room Ceiling and Walls

One of the first noticeable signs that there is a problem with your cold room storage is discolouration. Any cracks or other structural damage can stop your coldroom from working as effectively as it could, so it’s crucial that you get any issues sorted as soon as possible. You also need to keep a close look out for rot, mould and other similar problems too.

Make Sure you are Using the Correct Lighting

Brighter lights require more energy. Although. Floodlights are normally used in coldrooms, particularly warehouse sized installations. Any modern setups rely on LED lighting because this helps to keep the running costs lower.

Monitor the Coldroom Temperature Closely

You need to closely monitor the temperature on the interior of your coldroom and take action if there are any changes. There could be an issue with the cooling system if you cannot correct the temperature problem and it keeps increasing, so it advised that you get in contact with the contractor that supplied and installed your coldroom.

Schedule for Regular Inspections

By far, the best way to make sure you spot any potential issues before they come serious problems you need to schedule for regular maintenance and inspections. Speak to the team that supplied and installed your coldroom, or speak to and they will be able to help you.

Your cold room setup can be one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your produce and ingredients are kept at the correct temperature at all times. That is, when it is working properly. Therefore, take on board the tips above and you will be able to avoid serious issues.

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