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One of the major causes of refrigerator inefficiency or failure is dirty or clogged condenser coils. This results in restricted airflow throughout the system and will require the refrigerators to work harder and consume more electricity in order to maintain optimum temperature necessary to avoid food spoilage.

Did you know that dirty condenser coils can:

  1. Reduce the efficiency of your refrigeration
  2. Increase the length of time it takes to reach temperature set points
  3. Reduce the life of your refrigeration

One of the quickest and simplest ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption is to ensure a regular maintenance schedule for refrigerated display cabinets is carried out. It’s essential for condensor and evaporators to be kept clean and to ensure fans and defrost systems are working correctly. Irregular cleaning schedules can potentially damage a refrigeration system, resulting in downtime, loss of business and unexpectedly high bills. In short, regularly cleaning condensor coils will maintain compressor efficient, saving energy and money.

Many refrigerated display units have integrated refrigeration systems and air intake fins are usually located at foot traffic level and are prone to clogging from airborne debris and dirt.  To prolong the life of sensitive refrigeration equipment, many retails outlets are recognising the benefits of using external air intake filters (also known as prefilters). This allows regular staff to remove and clean them as part of their daily cleaning schedule. Air intake screens such as the type fitted by ADK Kooling, can be positioned outside of metal air intake louvers thanks to a unique magnetic fixing design. The filters then become easily accessible from the outside without having to pay for engineers to clean the condensor.

Case Study

William Miko, The regional Facilities Manager for Starbucks New York, found that clogged refrigeration coils were causing temperature to rise throughout his 300 busy stores. Without frequent cleaning, the clogged coils were causing costly compressor failure that led to loss of sales. Starbucks installed the air intake screens as part of its preventative maintenance programmed and reaped the benefits. They discovered that their display units were running more efficiently and so much colder that they were able to adjust the refrigeration so that it consumed less energy.


With reduced maintenance schedules and repair costs, we estimate that the filter screens will pay for themselves in less than two years and prolong the life of new and existing Refrigeration.

If you are have a planned maintenance programme with us, we can provide you with a quote to include this as part of your next visit. Alternatively, if you would just like a FREE quote to have prefilters installed on all your refrigeration, please get in touch.

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