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Over the past 10 years, our Service Engineers have attended many kitchens, production units & food retail outlets. We have found that a majority of the breakdowns are caused by dust / flour / grease in the air environment. The condensor will always pull the air through which eventually causes it to block up with a sheet of dust / flour / grease and making it harder to reject the heat. This will subsequently lead to high unit temperatures and eventually dry’s the bearings on the condensor fan motor, which will inevitably lead to a compressor failure.

In 2015, we trialled installation of Filter mediums to condensors and noticed a 50% reduction in breakdowns. As a proactive measure, we highly recommend the Condensor Filters to all our customers.

Advantages of using Filter Mediums:

1-      Maximum asset protection

2-      Less component failures (commonly Compressors & condensor fans)

3-      Decrease electrical running costs by upto 30%

What is involved :

1-      Arrange an engineer to attend site, clean and measure all the condensors

2-      Install made to measure filters to each condensor

3-      Advise the staff how they can clean the filters regularly

4-      If staff are not confident  cleaning themselves then we clean on the next planned maintenance visit (if applicable)

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