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Over the past few years there have been a few coldroom accidents that have occurred, these include:

1- In October 2015, a Subway employee got trapped in a Walkin Chiller for eight hours. She remained trapped in the store from 11:15pm until 7.30am the following morning when the day shift arrived and opened up. Shortly, after the incident, the franchise responsible for the store had to appear before magistrates in connection with the incident.

2- In June 2012, the co-owner of Nashville restaurant Germantown Café East, was found dead after getting trapped in a Walkin Freezer overnight. Police suspected that the co-owner, died from carbon dioxide poisoning after accidentally locking himself inside the Freezer. It had been reported that the internal door release button that opens the freezer from the inside was broken and had not been working for some time.

The preventative measure that should be taken, is to have entrapment alarms installed on all Walkin Chillers & Walkin Freezers. They are a safety system that is fitted inside coldrooms which allows personnel trapped inside to call for help by pressing an emergency button thus activating the audible signal warning light on the control panel outside.


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