Air ConditioningRefrigerationJanuary 24, 2020by ADK4 Ways Commercial Businesses Can Reduce Their HVAC System Costs

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to reduce your HVAC system costs and maximize efficiency and this can be applied to your businesses HVAC system cost. Operation costs are one of the most important and costly expenses for business owners and any attempt to ease rising energy costs will help businesses in the long-term. 

The HVAC sector has been through a period of transition over the past five years, driven by new technology, regulation, and consumer trends. There has been a rising trend towards energy-efficient HVAC technology, providing end-users with cost savings and a more comfortable environment.

This blog article looks at how businesses can reduce their HVAC and energy costs by following our 4 step guide.


Regular Maintenance Inspections 

At ADK we advise to regularly maintain your HVAC system with planned maintenance checks in order to keep your HVAC systems working longer and at peak efficiency. Various parts of the heating and cooling systems will need regular maintenance from a certified HVAC professional who will know how the system functions and can advise accordingly on further energy efficiency tips.

PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) checks can prevent costly repairs and reduce the number of breakdowns. In some cases neglecting the maintenance of your HVAC systems may actually result in the system being beyond repair and a whole new system would be required which can be costly. By arranging an HVAC engineer to inspect your system at a low-cost can reduce the energy costs of your business. 

Businesses can reduce wasted energy by 5-10% just by changing their HVAC filters regularly. Since dirty and clogged air filter restricts airflow, they cause HVAC systems to overwork which ends up costing far more to use and results in unnecessary commercial HVAC repair costs. Depending on your environment and use, we advise change HVAC filters every other month, or at least quarterly. This is something that your HVAC professional can do during their maintenance inspection.


Staff Education

Employees are known to tamper with HVAC control systems and without knowing change the set desired settings to an inefficient setting which can lead to increased energy usage, especially when temperatures are constantly changed. The first step is to inform and educate your employees about your efforts to improve energy efficiency in the business. 

Simple actions can make a difference, such as using blinds to reduce sunlight, adjusting the thermostat when the building is empty, and closing outside doors while the HVAC system is on. When everyone works together to reduce energy waste, costs will go down.


Install Smart Technology / Thermostats

Due to recent developments in HVAC technology we now have the option of programmable thermostats which can save business hundreds of pounds each year just by adjusting the temp schedule based on operating hours of the business. 

Other smart controls can optimize your heating and cooling requirements using WiFi Thermostats, timing automation, and demand/occupancy sensors which means your HVAC system is only on when it needs to be, thus reducing energy consumption and waste.

Smart thermostats are especially beneficial for large business premises where energy waste can be high. Programmable thermostats will save you money as they adjust the temperature automatically and minimize your HVAC use when the building is empty. The right model of a programmable thermostat can be tailored to the schedule of your business. Contact ADK today if you are looking to install Smart thermostats for your business and cut your HVAC system cost. 


Replace Aging / Old Units

Our final way commercial businesses can reduce their HVAC system cost is to replace and upgrade old units. Older HVAC systems are not as energy-efficient as modern units. If your building’s HVAC systems are old and are living past their suggested lifespan this can lead to high energy usage and maintenance costs. You could improve your energy efficiency by as much as 30% with a new energy-efficient model. 

You may be happy with the performance of your current older model, however, over time you will experience more frequent breakdowns and repair costs. Especially with older models, it can be difficult to source replacement parts on dis-continued units which can negatively impact your business and employees whilst the HVAC system is offline.

By undertaking some basic housekeeping tasks and signing up for a PPM contract you can protect your investment and ensure that you are always getting the best performance out of your commercial HVAC units. 

At ADK, planned preventative maintenance visits can be arranged with clients tailored to their personal requirements within a timescale to suit their business needs and budgets. Tailoring our works for minimal disruption to your schedule, we’ll ensure that your HVAC system is maintained and that your systems are always working to the best of their capabilities, as efficiently as possible.

For more information about our HVAC services, please get in touch with us today or call 0208 831 8900 and we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

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