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A portable air conditioning unit can be a great addition to your home during the warmer months of summer. It being portable makes it much easier to move from one room to another, depending on where you are spending time or where in your home is warmest. However, without following good maintenance practices, you will not get the best out of it. Not only can caring for your air conditioner improve its efficiency, but it could improve its lifespan too.

Therefore, in the following post we are going to discuss some handy tips you can put into practice to look after your portable air conditioner better.

Think Carefully About Where It’s Positioned

Be careful where you position it when moving your portable air con unit from one room to another. Make sure you dust and clean a room before setting your portable air con unit in it. Small particles of dirt, dust and other debris can build-up on the motors of the unit and clog it eventually. The result of which could be potentially serious electrical and mechanical problems.

Also take care when placing it in a room with a high humidity level because you will have to drain the unit more to cope with it. A drain tube might be something you need to invest in if the humidity of the area you live in is high.

Make Sure Your Power Source is Adequate

It’s crucial that you ensure the power supply you intend on using with your portable air conditioner can supply an adequate amount of power. It needs to get enough power so that the compressor and fan motors operate efficiently.

Maintain and Clean the Filters Regularly

When you buy new filters for your unit, make sure you read the instructions properly regarding maintaining and cleaning them. Generally speaking, regularly cleaning filters ensures they work efficiently and last longer. If your unit has a pre-filter, you should also make sure you clean that regularly too. Failure to do so can lead to dirt building up on the evaporator coil. When there is too much dirt, dust and other debris on the evaporator coil it won’t work properly and therefore won’t transfer heat. It can overheat and blowout in this scenario.

Avoid cleaning with soaps or detergents as these kinds of products can leave residue that can eventually clog the components.

Furthermore, if there is a carbon filter in the unit, this should be changed at least three to six months.

Ensure the Exhaust Hose is Sitting Straight

You need to ensure that the unit has as short and straight an exhaust hose as possible. This helps to avoid moisture building up inside it and working its way back into the air con unit. Regardless of how it’s positioned or its length, you should always check it regularly to ensure there is not a build-up of too much moisture inside it.

Store it the Correct Way

When you are not using your portable unit all the time, you need to make sure you correctly store it away. Start by draining off any moisture that is still present in the air conditioner. It’s best to leave it set to a fan-only high-speed setting for around two hours to make sure it is completely dry inside. A plastic sheet covering will help it stay free of dust and dirt and you should always make sure it is in a cool and dry place, like a storage cupboard. But, at all costs avoid storing it in the garage o loft, due to the moisture levels in these areas.

Think About Getting Professional Help

It can be worthwhile to consider investing in professional maintenance services for your portable air conditioner, as there are some issues related to the care and upkeep of these kinds of appliances that need a qualified HVAC technician’s attention.

For more information about portable air conditioners and maintaining them or to arrange for professional maintenance, are an experienced and reputable HVAC specialist based in London and serving SW12 and the surrounding areas.

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