Domestic RefrigerationFridgeNovember 14, 2016by ADKShould You Repair or Replace Your Domestic Fridge?

When you start to notice operational or structural problems with your fridge, if it starts hissing, sweating, cycling off and on repeatedly or leaking you may be wondering whether you should repair or replace it. It goes without saying that a fridge can be something of a big investment and though replacing it could be the less troublesome option, it could also be more expensive. However it could just be as likely that hiring an engineer to come out and look at it and try to repair it could be a fruitless and costly process.

Check The Manual

Before making any decisions about repairing or replacing your fridge, it is best to look through the manual that came with the appliance at the troubleshooting section. It could be that the problem you are experiencing is very common and can be solved without having to call out a specialist fridge engineer from a company like

One example of this would be when the internal light is no longer working. If the fridge has not stopped working, it is in all likelihood just that the bulb has blown and needs to be replaced. If the problem is more serious though, involving the electrical parts of the fridge, you may need to continue reading to figure out whether it is necessary to call refrigeration maintenance services or not.

If You Can’t Fix It – What Next?

Cost And Age

Whether you repair or replace your fridge really comes down to two main contributing factors concerning the appliance. The two factors are how much it will cost to pay to have it serviced and how old the appliance is. Consumer Reports state that you should replace it if the repairs will cost over half the price of a new fridge.

Configuration And Age

Other factors to consider along with age and cost, is the age and configuration. For example, it is almost always worth repairing built-in refrigerators. Side by side fridges should only generally be considered for repair if they are not older than 5 years.

Bottom freezers should always be considered for repair, even after they pass the 7 year mark. Whereas the same can’t be said regarding top freezers. If they are between 3 and 6 years old, they should be considered for repair, whereas if they are older than 7 years, they should definitely be replaced.

The Ecological Side Of Things

In this modern day and age of people trying to live greener lives and worries about the effects our pollution can have on the environment, you may want to consider looking to have a more cost-efficient model than the fridge you currently own. If it would be better for the environment and your pocket to replace rather than repair or vice versa? That is what you have to ask yourself. There is, at present, no completely concrete answer or way of determining the best course of action.

You could look at it this way though – if your fridge is old; a newer, more energy-efficient model will undoubtedly reduce your running costs and in turn your electricity bills. Most modern freezers and fridges are considered to be far more efficient than their predecessors.

We know it isn’t exactly the easiest decision to make, but you now have a lot of information you may not have had before reading this article. If you decide that it is time to call in a refrigeration service and are in the London or surrounding area, you should give a call. They will be happy to help you with any of your queries, concerns and of course booking an engineer to come out and see the problem fridge.

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