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There is nothing more soothing on a hot and clammy day in the middle of summer than the cool breeze of a air conditioner.  That is until your AC unit suffers a fault or completely breaks down.  As with anything, one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs or even more expensive replacements being necessary, is to understand when your air conditioner may be on its last legs.  In the following post, we look at some of the most common tell-tale signs that there is something very wrong going on with your air conditioner.

It Doesn’t Cool Down Well

One of the main roles of your air conditioner, particularly on hot summer days, is to keep you and your required area as cool as possible.  So when your air conditioner is not working properly, and not providing your home with the one thing it should be – cool air, something is wrong with it.  There are various reasons why it may be failing to cool air such as a refrigerant leak, incorrectly calibrated thermostat or a compressor failure.

 Needs Repairs More Frequently

Another sure-fire sign that your air conditioning unit has seen better days is if you notice that you are calling out for repairs from your local HVAC installation and repair company, if you are in the London area, every year or even more frequently.  An air conditioner should be able to last a longer period of time than 12 months and if yours is unable to, that is not a good sign.

Marked Increase In Your Energy Bills

If you have noticed a recent spike in your energy bills, it could be a sign that your air con system is working harder than it should be.  When an air conditioner starts working harder to do the things it once did easily and this is reflected in your bills, there is something wrong and you should have it looked at as soon as possible.  Even if it is still working, the longer you leave it without looking at it, any minor problems will eventually become major problems.

Air Flow Drops

One of the main roles of an air conditioner is to blow fresh, clear and cool air into a hot environment to help increase your comfort.  If it is failing to do this with the same amount of force it once blew out air, you should have it looked at.  You can carry out simple checks before calling out a professional, such as looking at the air filters to see if they are obstructed, clogged or otherwise damaged.

 It’s Making Odd Noises

Your ears can also be a useful tool in checking for faults or signs that your air conditioning unit needs repaired or replaced.  Although most air conditioners are completely noise-free, you learn to handle the day to day ordinary noises they make.  If you notice that your air con is making new and unusual noises, it is possible that it is damaged or may be on the way out.  Rattling noises in particular indicate that something internally is broken or loose.

Visible Signs Of Wear And Ageing

As time goes on, an air conditioner will get weaker and weaker, much like everything and everyone.  Have you noticed dramatic changes in the efficiency of your AC unit over the last couple of years, or even just in the last 6 months, it could be that there is not so much an actual fixable, reversible problem but just that it has run its course and is now an aged system.

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