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When hot weather hits you need to be able to rely on your air conditioning to keep your home comfortably cool, but if you’re AC unit is getting old you could benefit from replacing it. Not sure whether your AC is functioning properly? Here are some danger signs to look out for.

It’s not blowing out cold air 

It may seem obvious but the main sign that something isn’t quite right is if you turn on the AC and you don’t get cold air flowing within a few minutes. It might be that the unit compressor is failing or the ductwork is clogged which restricts airflow. These problems won’t fix themselves so it’s important to get a specialist in for a repair, though if it looks expensive it may be better value to get a replacement instead.  

You’ve had it for a long time

The average life-span of an air conditioning unit is between 10-15 years whereas HVAC systems last roughly 15-20 years. You can extend the lifespan of your air conditioner by having the filters and air ducts properly cleaned regularly. However, if you’ve had it for a long time or aren’t sure of how old it is, perhaps because it was in the property when you moved in, now might be a good time to think of getting an upgrade. A newer model is likely to be more energy efficient and will save you money in the long term. 

Bad smells

If you’ve noticed some strange smells in your home, your air conditioner may be the culprit. The air your AC puts out should be clean and scent-free. However, if you have mould or mildew growing inside the pipes this indicates that your unit needs replacing. A burning smell indicates that something is seriously wrong and needs urgent attention.

Some areas in your home aren’t as cool

Sometimes the problem can lie with your thermostat and not the AC system itself. Having a broken thermostat may stop certain areas of your home being cooled. If some rooms appear to be getting cool from the air conditioning, but not others it’s worth calling out a professional to check your thermostats in case they are to blame. It may be that you just need a thermostat replacing, or it might mean you need a whole air conditioning unit replacement. Either way it’s good to tackle it before the problem gets any worse.

Odd noises

Are there some strange noises coming from your AC? If you’ve noticed rattling, banging or squeaking sounds then it might be your old air conditioning unit is at fault. It’s important to take this sign seriously as unusual noises can indicate that something is seriously wrong such as the belt being out of place or the motor bearings being malfunctioning. If ignored these problems can lead to more expensive repairs or a replacement so it’s important to call an expert in. 

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills have suddenly gone up but nothing else has changed it may be to do with the fact that the cooling system is working overtime. Even if you don’t notice your home feeling any cooler if there is something wrong with your air conditioner you’ll waste money even when it’s not working. Upgrading to a newer model can help cut costs by keeping your bills down.


If you’ve started to find some leaks around the place this suggests that your air conditioner might be to blame. It’s important not to ignore the issue as if it’s a leak from the refrigerant it can pose serious health risks. A leak might mean that there’s a problem with the condensate line, which might be broken or blocked. Either way, it’s vital that you call in a specialist to avoid the future growth of mould. 

You’re always repairing it

If you keep having to call someone out to patch up your AC on a regular basis then it may be that the whole thing needs replacing. It can be expensive to get a new system but it’s much more cost effective and safer to replace it with a new air conditioner that works rather than put up with a malfunctioning one. 

Please note that repairing or replacing an AC unit requires an expert so please always consult specialist advice before replacing your AC unit. At ADK we specialise in the design and installation of new air conditioning units. We can fit a new air conditioner quickly with minimum disruption 

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