Air ConditioningAugust 10, 2016by ADK3 Ways To Tell Something Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioning System

While the majority of A/C systems have a very long lifespan and there is maintenance practices you can implement that can help you to keep your air conditioning unit in good condition and working order for as long as possible; the inevitable could still happen.  You need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario and your air conditioner breaking down.

It probably goes without saying that replacing or repairing your air conditioning system is never going to be high on the list of things you “want” to do.  However, if you notice any of the following symptoms you will know that it is time to get in contact with an experienced AC service technician, like those who work at and serve the London area.

Your AC System Appears To Run All The Time

 One of the biggest and most common issues found in an air conditioning unit that is not working properly is that they run all day and all night.  This often happens either because the system is dirty or low on Refrigerant.  The unit may freeze up because of a contactor sticking and causing indoor blower to shut off when the thermostat reaches the right temperature and the outdoor unit continues to run.

Although this may seem initially like a nuisance more than anything else, when the contactor malfunctions it can cause problems for the entire air conditioning system.  When it cannot turn itself off, the motor usually burns out very quickly.  As a result of constantly running, an air conditioning unit’s lifespan is greatly reduced.

The Unit Is Getting Incredibly Noisy

Typically, AC systems are normally very quiet.  If you notice that your AC unit is starting to hum, whir or rattle more than it usually does, you need to speak with a trained AC expert.  These kinds of sounds are usually an indicator that something is not right – such as there is a debris build-up, other obstructions or loose components or wiring.  If any of these issues are what is causing the noises, it could be that your AC unit is close to its end.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing Exponentially

As your energy bills keep increasing, it is easy to say that it’s the economy that is to blame.  However, the truth is that the problem may be in your own home.  If you have a faulty AC system, the cost rises.  Regardless of whether they have steadily been increasing or they have just shot up in price over the last short amount of time, any kind of increase like this is a sign that your system isn’t working properly

When any of these symptoms is occurring with your own AC units, it is time to speak to someone with experience and know-how. Call and they will be glad to be of assistance

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