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Whether you are storing beer or wine for commercial purposes as part of your business as a restaurateur or for personal use, a proper and effective cellar cooling refrigeration system is essential.  Cellar cooling units are used to ensure that the ideal humidity and temperature is provided inside a cellar you are using to store wine or beer so that they can age tastefully.  A good quality cellar cooling system will be able to produce a temperature of around 10 to 15 degrees and roughly 79% humidity.

It can be intimidating if you are completely new to the world of wine storage and cellar cooling systems.  There is a wide variety to choose from and without knowing what to look for, you could throw good money away on a product that though it is not bad, is not right for you and your circumstances.

To give you a helping hand we have put together a guide of the things you need to look out for when you are trying to choose the best cellar cooling system for your home or business.

Check Out How The Cooling Unit Actually Works

It is a good idea to check out how the cooling unit in the cellar cooling system you are looking at actually works.  The majority of cellars are specially configured with self-contained cooling systems known as forced air coolers.  With this kind of system, two fans are used.  While one fan is used to circulate cool air inside the cellar room, the other fan forces air into the condenser coils on the outside and removes warm air that has risen to the storage rooms ceiling.  This is one of the most efficient configurations you will find, particularly if you are storing wine in a room where the area’s temperature outside is normally 5 degrees or more or under the suggested temperature for wine storage.

Check Out The Digital Display Functionality And The Temperature Control Mechanism

You will generally find that cellar cooling systems that are made by a high quality, brand name manufacturer come with features such as digital displays and electronic temperature controls.  These features are things you should consider as they are very helpful, in that they enable you to control the humidity and temperature inside your wine cellar, whether its commercial or domestic, very precisely.  As well as ensuring that the cellars temperature readings are accurate, electronic temperature controls ensure that there are next to no fluctuations in the temperature levels.  Digital displays are great to have as they allow you to read and assess the condition inside your wine cellar at any time you want.

Check Out The Noise Level Of The Cooling Unit

Noise Level is one of the things that you really need to give a lot of consideration to when choosing the right cellar cooling system for you.  There are various manufacturers out there who are always trying to limit the vibration and noise caused by their wine cooling systems.  Some cellar cooling systems make use of cutting edge absorption technology that means vibrations are not generated and compressors are unnecessary.  It is important also not to take this decision lightly, as vibration can damage your precious wine collections.

Always Look For Cooling Systems That Can Be Repaired Or Replaced Easily

You should consider your cellar cooling system to be as big an investment as your wine collection itself.  Obviously you will want to ensure that your wine ages tastefully and efficiently by purchasing a high quality, reliable cooling system.  If your cellar cooling system breaks down though, you will want to know that it can easily be replaced or even repaired by calling ADK.co.uk who employ engineers and technicians who have experience working with these kinds of coolers.  By choosing a system that can be easily repaired or replaced, you ensure your product don’t suffer from not being stored at the ideal humidity or temperature.

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