During the hot summers, one of the most important things that keep you up for work is the air conditioner. In many regions of the world, people face immense heat and extreme vulnerability of the sun rays because of which a good air-conditioner is a must. Nowadays, it is also the cold winters that we are having that a good air-conditioning system could act as a replacement to standard heating systems.

So what kind of an air conditioner are you planning to buy for your commercial or domestic area? What should you look for when searching for an air conditioning installation company? Here is a list of some precautions which you must keep in mind certainly before hiring the air conditioning installation services for your domestic or commercial requirements:

1.The trained staff– The very first thing which is necessary to examine is the expert’s past service record before starting the work on your air conditioner installation. He should be well-versed and have the complete knowledge of your requirements as well as the air conditioner that he will be installing for you.

2.Supply for installation– Ensure that you ask your air conditioner installation expert for any additional charges towards supply for installation. Many a times, the installer would need items such as pipes, cables, gas for the conditioner outdoor unit and other technical items. We, at ADK Kooling, always inform our customers regarding additional costs of supply and our technicians are happy to explain on what is needed and why. This will help you plan better towards the installation and avoid any last minute costs.

3.Proper method of installation– There are several steps to be taken in order to correctly install your air conditioner. The air conditioning installers first of all, fix the bracket on the wall where they hang your indoor unit. Secondly, the outdoor unit is settled at the roof area or wherever the proper ventilation is acquired. Thirdly, a concealed pipeline area is drilled with the help of the machineries. At last the installers will finish other jobs such as checking for compressed gas, electric supply points and so on. The entire method takes at least 2-3 hours in total. Our experts will usually be happy to inform you about the approximate time the installation is going to take.

4.Check after installation– It is important that you as well as the installer checks for gas leakages and cooling, post installation. Our well trained and credible installers wait for the entire process; they do not hurry and provide absolute assistance to the customer.

5.Guide functions and explain servicing+ future maintenance– Another vital feature which every professional air conditioner installation firm trains their experts for, is the customer guidance. As a customer, you may not be aware of your air conditioners functions thoroughly. It is the duty of the installer to give a proper demonstration soon after the installation services. Our air conditioning installers will be happy to give you a practical demo and help you maximise the performance of your air conditioner. Once comfortable using the system, it is critical that a maintenance programme is put into place to ensure the system runs effectively throughout its life. For peace of mind, at ADK we give all our customers a maintenance proposal after completion of our works

The above mentioned points are significant and you should use them as guidelines to select the best air conditioning company for your home or commercial premises. If you need any further guidance, please feel free to call one of our experts on 020 8831 8900 for all your air conditioner installation requirements in and around London.