Cellar CoolingNovember 19, 2015by ADKAlways Use an Expert for Your Cellar Cooler Installation and Maintenance Requirements


Being in a business of wine trade, a good quality cellar cooler is important for your business. Once purchased and used, the usual wear and tear is very common.  One of the most common mistakes is that people make is that they do not give much importance to the regular service of the cellar coolers. Yes, they are durable and cost effective, but they also require continual servicing so that they are functioning as per the optimum specifications.

You can find several reputed brands selling the cellar coolers at an affordable in the market. However, an equally important step to take after purchase is the cellar cooler installation. It should be executed by the well versed and experienced staff only. Since this particular machinery is used to maintain the temperature of wine and beer stock which is also integral to the taste of the products, incorrect installation and settings can result in several operational issues later.

Refrigeration companies also offer annual maintenance contracts where cellar cooler technicians will conduct regular maintenance visits to health check your cellar cooler as well as perform routine preventive maintenance tasks.  We, at ADK Kooling, always recommend that you sign up for such a service which will ensure that your cellar coolers are regularly checked and any technical faults are detected and repaired at the earliest by cellar cooler installation experts. This will ensure a smooth functioning and increase reliability of your cellar coolers.

Why should you always hire cellar cooler experts for repairs?

When you buy a cellar cooler, then you also enroll yourself into a fruitful relationship with a cellar cooler installation and repair expert. An expert may be a little expensive at the outset, but as they always say, it always pays off to use the best. There are many companies that claim to be the cheapest, but they turn out to be expensive in the long run as they do not use quality staff and supplies. When using an expert cellar cooler repair company such as ADK Kooling, you ensure that only the best technicians work on your cellar cooler and you get a stress free experience. This also ensures that operational issues and faults are minimised  and require lesser maintenance work.

Benefits of working with us for all your cellar cooler maintenance requirements:

  • You get complete estimate beforehand from our friendly technicians
  • We do not use any local or cheap quality parts which may later create a problem
  • We give you guarantees as applicable for our work
  • The repair time and response to the application is within 24 hours and we try to resolve all issues on first visit (unless non-van stock parts are required)
  • We can provide you with a 4 hour response time in case of emergencies and our teams are equipped with stock
  • We take great pride in our work and you will always deal with an expert whenever you get in touch with us!

Therefore, always ensure that you use an expert cellar cooler installation and repair service for smooth and reliable functioning of your cellar coolers. If you need any help with your cellar coolers in and around London, please give us call on 020 8831 8900.

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