Blast ChillersDecember 11, 2015by ADKThe Benefits Of Using A Blast Chiller In Your Restaurant Or Café

The Benefits Of Using A Blast Chiller In Your Restaurant Or Café

The high energy consumption and electricity bills that they can generate may have put you off purchasing a blast chiller and/or freezer for your restaurant or café. However, despite the high running costs as you will see below there are many good reasons to consider hiring a company like ADK in London for blast chiller installation.

What Is A Blast Chiller?

A blast chiller is an appliance that is designed with the specific function of efficiently and quickly reducing warm and hot food’s temperature. Along with fast and safe refrigeration of cooked food, it could also benefit your business in a number of different ways.

What Are Specific Benefits Of A Blast Chiller?

Keeping Food At A High Quality

It natural and common for any type of food after it has been cooked to lose much of what makes it appealing. This is because of the bacterial growth that occurs throughout the cooling process. In order to keep food at as high a quality as possible, it is therefore crucial that you reduce any food deterioration. This can be done by effectively controlling the temperature, time and humidity involved in the cooling process. A blast chiller and freezer can help you do this by using the most appropriate chilling method to ensure that not only is the appearance and taste of the food maintained; but so too is the aroma, colour, texture, flavour, natural goodness and vitamins.

Reduces The Shrinkage Of Food

When chilled food can quickly shrink in weight and size depending on the time-scale, humidity, ambient temperature and type of food through the loss of moisture. However, this can be avoided by using a blast chiller set to the appropriate chilling programme by reducing and stopping the natural evaporation that normally happens to food when it is cooled.

Improves And Increases Service And Menu Choice

If you are running a restaurant or café and want to offer a more comprehensive menu then you need to be able to prepare more food ahead of your busier periods and regenerate as and when specific food and dishes are ordered. This also enables you to utilise equipment, staff and other kitchen resources better during the less busy periods to make this possible.

When your kitchen team has more time to focus on giving a better service with every cover of food they put out to your customers, their service will naturally improve.

You can achieve all this by making use of a blast chiller in conjunction with a well-planned production process.

Enables You To Achieve Higher Food Safety Standards

When you use the normal functions of a blast chiller you can reduce the temperature of cooked food from 70 degrees to 3 degrees Celsius in under 90 minutes. When you chill food this quickly in a blast chiller though, you are still able to achieve the regulations set by the Government Food Standards Agency and the standards outlined by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) .

Increases The Shelf Life Of Your Food

When you use a blast chiller to reduce the time period when bacteria naturally starts to grow on food, you are able to effectively increase the shelf life of your food. This helps to decrease your business’s volume of food waste while improving availability of your food and in turn sales and profit.

Saves You Time And Money

When you start using a blast chiller appropriately in your kitchen/restaurant environment it enables the efficient and effective use of resources as well as increasing the amount of ingredients purchased and production of more food. Although blast chillers are not associated with the words “low energy consumption” because of their function as an appliance that reduces the temperature of cooked food quickly. Energy saving is still possible with the inclusion of a blast chiller in your kitchen however as you will be able to use your baking and cooking equipment to its full capacity, chilling and storing food appropriately.

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