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Are you looking to improve the morale and productivity of your workforce by making their place of work a more comfortable space? One way you could do this is by investing in the installation of an air conditioning unit. Even though, in recent years, there has been a huge debate raised between male and female employees about what constitutes comfortable and reasonable when it comes to the air conditioning, this is undoubtedly an argument that will rage on, possibly without any end in sight.

It’s hard though to argue over the the actual benefits a high quality, energy efficient air conditioner can bring to a workplace. If you are still on the fence about it or are trying to convince your board of directors or fellow decision makers that having air conditioning installed is going to be a good move for your business, we have put together a list of the biggest and most important benefits of air conditioning.

It’s Energy Efficient

Since its introduction, air conditioning and the technology behind it has continued to evolve and improve over the years. All types of air conditioners, whether its the large VRF heat recovery systems or the common split air units, have become more and more efficient when it comes to energy use. They are designed and constructed to keep a building hot or cool, depending on what is necessary while ensuring the temperature is comfortable and constant. None of this is at the expense of the bill-payer or environment though, as a high quality and efficient system will do all of the above while reducing the cost of utilities and reducing the use of energy.

Adjustable Comfort

The majority of air conditioning installations nowadays can respond quickly to Systems respond rapidly to the temperature changes that occur both on the inside and outside of a building, keeping the working environment at the preferred sweet spot. The even more comprehensive and intricate systems can also recover heat from areas in a building that are warmer and redistribute that collected heat to the cooler parts of a building. This obviously makes those kinds of machines incredibly efficient.

Lowering The Humidity

There is no-one in the world that enjoys feeling sticky and hot wile they are at work. Not only will it encourage more employees to complain and moan, it can also have a detrimental effect on the level of productivity of your workforce. An increase in humidity levels can make a workplace feel a whole lot warmer than it really is. Air conditioning installations help by removing the additional moisture from the atmosphere that is responsible for the humidity.

Improving The Air Quality

Colds, coughs and other viruses can spread like wild fire in busy offices. All air conditioners feature air filters that help to purify the atmosphere, dramatically reducing the amount of allergens, odours, particles of dust and bacteria in the air. This means that your employees will benefit from breathing in filtered and clean air, something that is especially important to members of staff who either have respiratory problems or allergies.

Silent But Effective

One of the things that put many employers off in the past, when it came to air conditioner installations, was the level of noise older systems generated. Thankfully, modern systems are for the most part, very quirt. This means that they could be monitoring and altering due to changes in the atmosphere and temperature and you probably won’t even notice it. Even when systems are working particularly hard, when the temperatures outside are either extremely high or low, your employees are unlikely to notice it.

If the above benefits have helped to convince you that you need an air conditioning unit for your place of work, and especially if you are based in the Wembley or greater London area – you should speak to who are a very reputable and experienced air conditioning installation company.

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