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How temperature control can boost productivity

If you run a workplace of any kind, it is likely that you regularly hear complaints from the workers about the temperature. Offices in particular are notorious areas of heat-based hostility, and those in factories and warehouses can often be seen sporting hats and gloves to combat the cold. It can be all too easy to dismiss these complaints – after all, you can’t please everybody, and some are sure not to mind the temperature. But could you be running the risk of harming productivity?

Research suggests that workers who are too hot or too cold are actually at a far higher risk of becoming ill or injured, and that the wrong temperature can slow down the speed at which tasks are performed. Whether a hot or cold workplace is distracting or it actually reduces function, the fact remains that a temperature controlled building is likely to be more productive.

Installing Commercial Air Conditioning / Heating boiler in Wembley, London

In order to gain control of the temperature at your business premises, consider installing a state of the art air conditioning/ heating system. ADK Kooling’s air conditioning engineers in London can design and install high quality units that maintain a constant air temperature which should suit everyone. Reduce risk to your staff and make sure they feel comfortable at work with a modern, reliable air conditioning system fitted by our experts. We can talk you through the options and help you choose the right kind of air conditioning in Wembley, London today.

All installed units are covered by a comprehensive guarantee for your peace of mind, and are installed by trained and experienced technicians. We have experience in dealing with models from all manufacturers, and a range of spare parts on board our mobile workshops to make sure the installation process runs smoothly.

Temperature management for any workplace

Not only can air conditioning look after your staff, but it can also protect your stock. If you run a storage facility or production unit that deals in fresh produce or chemically controlled substances, you will know how important a constant and managed temperature is. Fluctuations can damage stock and make processes more difficult, and in the long term could cost your business a great deal of money. You can prevent this by fitting a heating and cooling system that manages air temperature in rooms of any size. Contact ADK Kooling’s air-conditioning engineers technicians in London today for more information and a free quotation.

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