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If you are running an establishment that uses commercial refrigeration system, then you are well aware of the importance of keeping it up and running at all times. However, despite your best efforts your refrigeration system tends to break down due to various reasons. While most faults are easy to repair on your own, others might require you to seek the professional repair technicians from commercial refrigeration companies. Such professionals are not only well versed in handling such complex faults in the most efficiently but also possess the right tools and expertise to carry out the repair work in a timely and long lasting manner. Given below are some common issues of cold store repairs that need to be handled by professionals.

Air Leaks

Leakage of cold air is one of the most common problems that you might face with your commercial refrigeration system. This is generally caused by damaged gaskets or seals that are responsible for making the system airtight. It is important to address this issue immediately by hiring the services of renowned commercial refrigeration companies offering repair and maintenance facilities.

Leaking of Refrigerants

If the efficiency of your refrigeration unit is not up to the mark and you determine the cause to be leaking refrigerant, then it is just the thing where you need to seek professional help. Only a professional technician can determine the cause and source of refrigerant leakage and rectify both the problems in an efficient and timely manner.

Cleaning Ice Makers

Even though you might be regularly cleaning the ice makes in your cold storage unit, it is important to carry out their thorough cleansing periodically. This requires completely dismantling the ice makers and cleaning them inside out before re-assembling them into the system. This task is better left to professional experts who can do it far more efficiently and rapidly than you.

Cleaning the Condensing and Evaporating Coils

One of the most important tasks of cold store repairs and maintenance is to clean the condensing and evaporating units. This is important to prevent the reduction in efficiency of the unit due to accumulation of dirt and grime on these coils. The professional technicians hired for this task generally make use of the commercial condenser coil cleaners that help in cleaning the coils thoroughly.

Repair Thermostat and Defrost Units

The thermostat and defrost units are the heart of any refrigeration system and even the most minor defects in these systems can lead to major issues in the performance of the whole system. However, given the complex mechanics of these units, it is highly advisable for you to defer any repair and maintenance work for the same to professionals from renowned commercial refrigeration companies.

Any Other Maintenance and Service Tasks

In order to ensure a long life of your commercial refrigeration system it is important to carry out its regular maintenance and servicing even after the expiration of its warranty period. This should be done by hiring professional cold store repairs technicians who might even offer to carry out the task through an annual maintenance contract.
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