RefrigerationRefrigeration MaintenanceApril 3, 2020by ADKWhy You Should Maintain A Commercial Refrigerator

As we know, for the establishment and success of any food business, specifically in hotels or restaurants, we need to preserve food items.

Efficient refrigeration will help you to preserve your perishable foods and ingredients helping to avoid wastage. In order to work effectively, your commercial refrigerator will require regular maintenance inspections.

For the performance of the business and safety of its customers, it is essential to regularly maintain your refrigeration units and schedule regular checkups. Maintenance of refrigerator is a crucial part of the running of any hotel or restaurant.

So how can you manage your commercial refrigerator maintenance? Here we are going to list some easy ways to maintain your refrigeration units to ensure fewer break downs and costly repairs. 


Regularly Clean Your Refrigerator Unit

Attempt to plan an intensive cleaning of your whole refrigeration unit on a week or every other week. Expel things from the inside, and spot them in another group or brief cooler. Utilizing a delicate brush, clean the racks and surface with warm water and cleanser or a vinegar arrangement. If you can expel any drawers and racking, splash them for some time and wash when clean. 

The outside of your unit additionally ought to be cleaned routinely. It’s imperative to utilize appropriate cleaning arrangements and materials on a tempered steel outside. Abstain from using rough scrubbers or wipes just as chlorine cleaners. Instead, use a wash fabric or delicate brush to clean the surface. A mixture of warm water and a vinegar or cleanser based arrangement works best for routine cleaning if you have to expel oil or prepared on nourishment and use a paste of baking soda powder as well.


Clean The Condenser Coil

You should check your refrigerator or cooler’s condenser routinely. Most producers suggest cleaning once at regular intervals, and numerous manuals give explicit cleaning tips. Its refrigerator is not clean, and the layer of dust occurred in the fridge, then it is difficult to maintain temperature. 

The coil is situated close to the unit’s condenser. Just remove the plug or main switch, and utilize a solid fiber brush to expel dust and fungus. Look at our guide on cleaning condenser loops or your gear manual for the following point by point directions. Your manual ought to give explicit tips, which are pivotal if your unit is in a kitchen.

Check & Clean The Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is a pivotal part of the commercial refrigerator maintenance. The evaporator coil absorbs heat air through the refrigerator system. You should give space and clean and clear so it can continuously work efficiently. 

You ought to abstain from packing the inside with a lot of things, particularly on the off chance that they’re quite hot. Blocking wind current by the vents inside the unit can make the loop freeze, prompting water spills.


Weekly check Air Filters

Oil and residue from your kitchen’s fryers and irons likewise can be an issue on your business cooler’s air channels. A vast development can keep the air in the unit from ventilating appropriately with the goal. That’s the reason routine cleanings is essential. Evacuate any residue or free flotsam and jetsam with an incredible shop vacuum, and use decreasing answer for disposing of any thick oil. Get in touch with ADK today for future advice on the most proficient method to appropriately clean your air filters.


Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), is the best way to keep your commercial refrigerator units working effectively. It is advised not to wait until the last moment to get your commercial fridge repaired and fixed. This will save you money in the long-term, along with the stress and hassle to your business.

 At ADK Kooling, we understand the importance of early detection and repair of your commercial refrigeration equipment. Our PPM programs ensure that your equipment is always working efficiently, reducing the likelihood of a costly failure. Should a problem develop and a reactive service is required, our expert team is on hand to help. Contact us now to speak to our PPM experts. 

The benefits of PPM:
  • Reduction in Breakdowns
  • Saves Costs for Reactive Callouts
  • Improved Asset Life Cycle
  • Remaining Legal & F-GAS Compliant
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Environmental Impact
  • Less Customer / Employee Complaints

By undertaking some basic housekeeping tasks and signing up for a PPM contract you can protect your investment and ensure that you are always getting the best performance out of your commercial refrigeration units.

At ADK, planned preventative maintenance visits can be arranged with clients tailored to their personal requirements within a timescale to suit their business needs and budgets. Tailoring our works for minimal disruption to your schedule, we’ll ensure that your refrigeration unit is maintained and that your cooling system is always working to the best of its capabilities, as efficiently as possible.

For more information about our refrigeration services, please get in touch with us today or call 0208 831 8900 and we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need. Alternatively, you can contact us to request an engineer and site survey.

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