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Summer in the UK is fast approaching you may be looking to replace or install a new commercial air conditioning system for your business. AC systems can be expensive let alone to mention the cost of installation, this is why you need to find an experienced and professional HVAC engineer when conducting your research.

Before you start looking for models and a professional HVAC company, here are our frequently asked air conditioning questions as we address common concerns when it comes to air conditioning installation. From our experience, it is good to know specific answers ahead of time so you know what to expect when it comes to the time to make a purchase decision.

How much does Air Conditioning installation cost?

In the market, there is in fact no set price for air conditioning installation. This is due to many influential factors such as the type of AC install, the size of the unit, how many units to be installed and whether old units require removal and disposal. 

Be sure to know the AC type when looking for installers as this will help with getting a quotation. For example, is the unit wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling fitted or ducted? Each of these AC types will affect the cost of installation. 

Here at ADK, we have put together an easy to use calculator for air conditioning installation cost in which you can get an instant price quotation. Be sure to know your room size measurements and dimensions as this is important especially when choosing the right air conditioning system required. Click here to get your instant air conditioning installation quote.

Can I just install my new air conditioner myself?

To purchase a brand new air conditioning system is not cheap and is considered a significant investment. They are also very complex systems and attempting to install a new air conditioner on your own can lead to a number of problems if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Not only can poor installation damage the system and hinder efficiency but attempting to install a commercial AC system yourself could put you and your workplace in danger especially if you are unaware of the health and safety requirements. 

At ADK, we advise you to leave the Air Conditioning installation job to experienced engineers. With most installation services you will also be protected with an installation warranty which means the installer is responsible for any issues post-installation. 

Another benefit of using a professional HVAC company for installation is that they will be able to offer maintenance packages to regularly inspect and maintain your prized investment, meaning fewer breakdowns and high repair bills.


How do I find a contractor for air conditioning installation?

When it comes to selecting an HVAC company for your air conditioning installation, it is important you conduct your own research using Google. Once you have found a company to like the look of the next step is to conduct a company check, specifically for their experience, qualified credentials and any references or customer reviews. Here, Google can be your best friend and you will thank yourself later for that quick search.

Most established contractors are properly certified. REFCOM is the market leader for F Gas certification for HVAC technicians that will ensure their work quality through validation and continuing education. All certifications should be up to date. Be sure to check whether the company is correctly certified, qualified and insured before you agree to start any work.

Many businesses use Online Reviews to showcase their work and happy customers however there are companies out there who pay for fake reviews so it is important to only consider third-party site reviews which are usually confirmed customers.

If you are struggling to find positive customer reviews on popular sites such as Google, Yelp or Yell then you should consider hiring another company. Good and not so good reviews can be the determining factor for which HVAC firm you choose. There are also other websites such as Checkatrade which can also help you vet a company’s background.

Instead of air conditioning installation, can I just repair my old one?

Repair or replace is the big question many business owners face when it’s time for air conditioning installation. Some people hesitate to spend money on a new unit when their old one looks in good shape, however to the untrained eye it may be worse for wear and you may end up investing money into repairing a faulty system which could ultimately fail again. 

Older generations of AC systems are also not very energy efficient so if you are thinking long-term you may want to consider a new unit which will save you money in the future.

Secondly as touched on above, Air conditioning repairs aren’t necessarily cheap. The cost really depends on the exact problem your unit faces. When deciding whether to repair or replace, consider cost and current system age.

If the cost of repairs to your existing system is 50% or more of the cost of air conditioning installation, it’s best to invest in a replacement. If your current air conditioner is 10 to 15 years old, it’s near to the end of its life cycle and possibly best to replace with a new one.

Air conditioners experience more breakdowns in their last two years of service – have you been spending more on repairs over the last few years? If so, its time to consider if your money is best spent on a new air conditioning system installation, instead of a repair job.


What benefits will I gain from air conditioning installation?

Air conditioning installation offers many valuable benefits, for example, you will gain heating and cooling comfort, energy savings with new models, and peace of mind for your business, employees and customers.

When using a professional air conditioning installation company you should be offered warranty for the installation and offered planned preventative maintenance packages to ensure your newly installed unit is cared for and continues to work at maximum efficiency. Ageing systems lose efficiency each year – air conditioning installation gives you a new unit with much higher efficiency, which equates to lower energy bills.

New air conditioners are backed by warranty coverage, which will save you money should repair needs arise during the warranty term vs. an older unit where the warranty has most definitely expired.



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