Air ConditioningDecember 4, 2017by ADKConsiderations for Choosing a Bedroom Air Conditioner

According to climate reports and our weather experts, seasons even in the UK are only going to get warmer. This presents us Brits with something of a double edged sword – we get a break from the cold and miserable weather we have come to expect in Britain, but it also means that we get the problems associated with high rises in temperatures.

As temperatures rise, summers are warmer and this means that many of us are experiencing more restless nights and tired mornings; caused by the uncomfortably humid and hot conditions. It’s no wonder that more people than ever in this country are considering the purchase of air conditioning systems. If you are at the stage where you are looking to buy an air conditioner for your bedroom, you may be at where to start with your search.

The following guide can help, as it provides you with the main considerations you need to make when you are looking to choose the best air conditioning unit for your bedroom.

Choosing An Appropriate Size

Normally, bedrooms only require systems that are small. The actual size you need will depend on the size of your bedroom, however, it is likely that you will not need anything much bigger than a 8.4 kW air conditioner. If you have a bedroom that is about 20 square metres, it is recommended that you opt for a 4. kW split air conditioning system. If your bedroom is bigger though, 40 square metres for example, you would be better choosing a 5.6 kW system.

You obviously need to be sensible and practical with your choice, as although you need a system that will effectively cool the air in your bedroom; you don’t want one that will be too big and clunky. This could ruin the overall décor of the room.

Consider the Sound Power Level

As with any electrical device or product you purchase for your own home, you should consider the level of noise caused by an air conditioner. It’s true that most modern products do not create disruptive levels of noise, you should still research the sound power level. The greater the level is of a particular unit, the louder it will be when in operation. If you are concerned about getting to sleep during the summer months, or are a light sleeper, it may be worth investing in something a little pricier, if it means you get the benefit of quieter technology.

You may have to, depending on where you live, consider the noise level of a product, with regards to your neighbours. If they have windows close to your windows, you will need to ensure that the system you buy is quiet enough that it won’t disturb them.

Choosing The Best Position For The Unit

It would be best, if possible, to install your air conditioner either to the left or right hand side of your bed, rather than above it. This is better also than installing it on the opposite wall, though either will be fine if you can’t place it in the preferred place.

By installing it directly above your bed, you will get a direct black of fast moving air, which may make it hard for you to sleep. This could also cause you to have a dry mouth in the morning.

Consider The Extra Features

Many modern home air conditioners come equipped with an array of extra features. It is entirely up to you whether you avail yourself of these or not. Some come with a pre-installed inverter system, which means the unit will power down while you are away on holiday or away from the house for a prolonged length of time, which will ensure that the air flowing through your bedroom is cool, but won’t cause your electric bills to sky-rocket.

Another extra feature worth looking at is a remote control, as this will enable you to adjust the settings from your bed. If you can’t get a remote control, look out for a scheduling function as this is another way to increase the amount of control you have over your system.

Hopefully, this article will be of help to you when you are choosing the best air conditioner for your bedroom. If you need help with having a particular system installed or wish to find out more about your options, don’t hesitate to contact, who will be more than happy to help you.

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