FreezerFridgeDecember 4, 2017by ADKTips To Help Avoid Expensive Repairs For Fridges And Freezers

An important part of any comfortable and efficient home are the appliances. Fridges and freezers in particular, are very important, as they are perhaps the most used appliances in your home. Therefore, it is vital that they are kept healthy to prevent the need for costly appliance repairs and can extend their lifespan in the process. To help you look after, we have put together a list of some easy to follow tips that will mean that you might just avoid unnecessary call-outs for repair technicians.

Keep Them Full

Unlike many other home appliances, fridges and freezers actually work a lot more efficiently when they are being used properly – that is, when they are full of food and ingredients. An empty fridge is one that has to work harder to cool whatever is stored inside. If you have a half full freezer or fridge and still want to avoid high electricity bills, try storing water jugs inside to help use up the empty space.

Regularly Check The Seals

Loose seals on freezers and fridges allows the cold air on the inside to seep out. This in turns means that your appliance will have to work harder to keep everything stored inside cool. Clean the seals properly and ensure that there is no dirt or food debris warping them. You can test the doors of fridges and freezers using a piece of paper. Place the paper so it is halfway out and halfway inside the door, then close the door. If the paper slips out of the door easily, then you know it is time to get the door seals checked out.

Set The Temperature Correctly

With fridges and freezers, the right temperature can make all the difference to how well they run and how long they last. Freezers should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, while fridges should be set to 40 degrees.

During Power Cuts, Keep Doors Closed

When the power cuts out in your home, you need to ensure that the doors to your fridges and freezers remained closed as much as possible. Each time you open the doors, you not only allow warm air from the room inside, but also let cold air escape. When there is no electricity, there is no cold air being circulated in the appliance. A fridge will generally be able to keep food at a healthy and safe temperature for only 5 hours, when there is no power, particularly if the doors are left closed. While a full freezer can keep stored contents frozen for 48 hours in the same situation.

Clean The Coils Regularly

Food debris and dust can easily collect around the coils of fridges and freezers. This dust and debris can effect how well the appliances work, so it is important to check the coils every season, or at the very least twice a year. You can clean them yourself by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clear the coils. Make sure that the appliance is unplugged before you do any cleaning.

There are many other things you can do to avoid unnecessary repairs. The prevention of issues that can lead to repairs is better in the long run than waiting for things to happen and spending the money on expensive repairs. However, if you do need help with repairs and live in the Wembley area of London, you should speak to the team at ADK Kooling only employs the most experienced and professional fridge and freezer repair technicians and will be happy to help you with any issues you are experiencing.

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