Air ConditioningMarch 16, 2016by ADKFive Of The Most Common Air Conditioning System Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

Although due to the complex set up of a lot of air conditioning systems, there could be literally hundreds of factors involved in why your air conditioning system is not working properly and needs to be inspected by an experienced contractor.  There are however a number of very common issues that may be causing your air conditioner to either no function at all or improperly.

Understanding and recognising these can help you explain better to the air conditioning expert you hire, from a company such as London based, which will in turn help them tom reach the right solution for the problem.  Below we have put together a list of what we believe to be the five most common problems that can cause air conditioning systems to malfunction.  This guide can also be used to determine if you really need to hire a HVAC inspection from

Badly Installed Or Faulty Wiring

As well as preventing the air conditioning system from getting the necessary power it needs and tripping the circuit breaker in your electricity; uncertified, haphazard or just shoddy wiring can be a fire hazard.  If you feel unsure that your air conditioner was not installed to the highest standard required, you should definitely seek the advice of the experts at

Low on Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the chemical used to cool the air in your air conditioning system. If there is a decrease in the levels of this chemical in your system it could mean that there is either a leak or some other issue with your refrigerant system.  Around 90% of the time however, when your air conditioning system requires a recharge of refrigerant it is because of a leak.  When leaks occur they should be found and properly repaired, preferably by an expert technician.

The Outside Fan Is Not Operational

The fan located on the outside of your building is what is responsible for sending the heat from your room outside.  When the outside fan is not working properly, the appropriate heat transfer is unable to take place and can mean that your air conditioning system’s compressor could overheat or even trip the circuit.  In the worst case scenario it could cause damage inside the compressor that can be very costly to repair and may even mean that you need a replacement if the damage is very serious.

The Outside Box Is Not Working

When the entire outside box (also known as the condenser) of your air conditioning system is not working this could mean that there is contractor problems or a lack of power.  However, it could even mean that the thermostat is faulty and needs replacing.

 A Frozen Coil

When your air conditioning unit has a frozen coil on the outside this is often the sign of airflow problems.  This airflow problem could be caused by either obstructed return air ductwork or filthy air filters that need cleaned.  An inside coil that is frozen could mean that you are low on refrigerant.

If you do not think it is one of the five more common problems that is causing your air conditioning unit to malfunction, and in most situations even if it is, you should contact a local certified and experienced company to help.  Serving the London and surrounding South East areas, ADK will be happy to help you and consult with you on the best way to solve problems with your air conditioning unit.

Obviously, the best practice to avoid any of these issues or problems from occurring or catching them as early as possible so that they don’t cause irreversible damage, is by having your system checked regularly. Call us today if you need our professional help: 0208 8318900.

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