Air ConditioningSplit ACApril 12, 2016by ADKFive Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Split Air Conditioner

If you are looking to keep your home cooler in a very efficient way, saving money in the long run then investing in a split air conditioning system is one way to do it.  The key to owning one of these systems and making it save you money is knowing what you should be looking for when buying one.  So before you contact an air conditioning installation company, take a look at the post below which outlines some important factors regarding split air conditioners that you should keep in mind.

1. Weather Resistance

There is no real reason to be worried about having to cover up the outdoor unit of a split air conditioner during winter time and other periods of harsh weather.  As a standard, air conditioning units are designed with all forms of weather in mind and are therefore built with resistance to extreme weather conditions.  It is actually possible to ruin your unit if you tried to cover it to protect it from rain or snow.

2. Be Aware Of Zones

One of the most important considerations you need to make when buying an air conditioning unit, whether it is a split one or not, is how many zones it is and if it will effectively and efficiently cool your entire home.  It may be that you have to invest on either a dual zone or triple zone unit; and, although this will cost you more money, it will mean that you don’t spend money on a unit that does not cool your home appropriately.  As dual zone air conditioning units have 2 outdoor units and triple units have 3 compared to a single unit, the general rule of thumb is one outdoor per room that needs to be cooled.  As an alternative you could invest in a system that has enough Kilowatts for the number of rooms you want to air condition, which means you do not have to be worried so much about the number of zones and air handlers it has.

3. Installed By Professionals

Although you may have found it easy enough to install that window air conditioner you bought, installing a fully functioning main split air unit it far more complicated.  It involves running lines to electricity and coolant and therefore you should hire an air conditioning expert.  Although this means the installation and purchase of the system will cost more, it is sensible if you don’t have the relevant experience to complete the work.  Importantly, you should speak to professionals you are getting quotes from about the particular brand and model of air conditioner you are interested in and whether they have experience working with them.

 4. Warranty

Along with your split air conditioner, you need to its warranty.  It varies by manufacturer. The common standard Parts Warranty is 3 years but some manufacturers have 5 years. The installer should also provide you with a 1-year labour warranty. This information needs to be clarified before purchase the new Air-Conditioning.

 5. When It Breaks Down, You May Have To Replace It All

Although by definition it is split into two parts, if even one of the major components of your unit fails, you will need to replace the entire system.  If you don’t, the system won’t work efficiently.  The whole purpose of a split air conditioner is that it works as a complete unit.  When you are looking at the various brands and models of split air conditioners it is therefore important to consider the warranties offered to ensure you get the best value for money, if someone goes wrong.

Therefore, it always pays to seek assistance from an expert air-conditioning company before making your purchase. Thankfully, you can always speak to one of the experts at Call us on 020 8831 8900 before making your next purchase.

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