RefrigerationFebruary 4, 2016by ADKKeeping your cool during a refrigeration emergency

Keeping your cool during a refrigeration emergency

If you run a commercial kitchen or rely on cold room storage at your warehouse, you will know how serious an equipment failure can be. A fridge breakdown is a major incident that can lead to massive loss of stock, unsafe foods being served and more. It can slow down production, leaving a company struggling to meet demand and leaving customers’ orders unfulfilled. Left unattended, a faulty cooling appliance can also become a fire risk and cause harm or injury to staff. If you suspect a problem with a commercial fridge, call in an expert right away and get repairs done in good time.

When a fridge or freezer breaks down, you need a refrigeration engineer in London who can turn out quickly and resolve the problem before it becomes a crisis. The mobile refrigeration technicians at ADK Kooling have vans stocked with all the spares any model could need, allowing us to fix faults quickly and get your cooling system back up and running.

A 4hr emergency response to fridge breakdowns in London

With engineers available across all London postcodes and state of the art vehicle tracking systems managing our navigation and bookings, we can be sure that someone can get to you within 4 hours of your call. This emergency response to refrigeration breakdowns in London sets us apart from the crowd and makes us the team to call whenever you are having trouble. Save our number in your phone today and give us a call if you ever have a problem with your refrigeration systems.

We make sure that the job is completed quickly and for a competitive low price. Getting help quickly needn’t break the bank, so trust us to do the work at a sensible rate and with minimal disruption to your kitchen or store room. Our skills also stretch to the repair of cold storage systems, so feel free to get call us out if there is a problem in your chiller room.

Here when you need us with a friendly, fast response

Count on ADK Kooling to deliver the repairs and maintenance you need when you need it. Our tailored service fits around you and your business, providing help when trouble strikes and giving your equipment a regular service to reduce the chance of problems occurring. When it comes to taking care of your cooling equipment, trust our commercial refrigeration specialists in Wembley, throughout London and across the M25 corridor.

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