Air ConditioningOfficeMay 13, 2016by ADKHow Regularly Should An Office Air Conditioner Be Checked And Serviced?

Nowadays, air conditioning systems will work efficiently in the background, almost silently.  They have become so durable in recent years that they will give you the best air quality possible without any issue for a long time.  However like anything else, in order to keep them in the best working order possible, your units need to be regularly serviced and maintained.  In an office environment is essential that the air conditioners continue to produce clean and comfortable air because if not it could affect the quality and quantity of the work produced by the members of staff.

Therefore the servicing of the office air conditioners is one of those jobs that as a business owner or office manager you cannot avoid budgeting and scheduling for regularly.  If your office is based in  and around London, we will be happy to help carry out your air conditioning maintenance.  The question arises though – how often should your office air conditioning be serviced?

The frequency at which you should have your office air conditioning system service depends largely on its workload.  An example of this is the fact that some businesses only run their air conditioning during the summer months, compared to others that keep it running all ear long.  Although there are checks that office staff can run at regular intervals to keep the system running efficiently, when it comes to giving it a proper service expect air conditioning engineers should be called out.

Below are some checks you can run to indicate whether your office’s air conditioning system, needs professional attention or not.

Check It Is Clean

Some of the most common faults and problems with air conditioners are caused because they are not cleaned regularly enough.  By dusting the air vents of your system often you can avoid many of these issues from occurring and extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.  You can also remove the filters and rinse them in warm water and then spray them with some anti-bacterial solution.

Remove Obstructions From The Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is normally the part of an air conditioning system that is outside and draws the cool air inside.  Often along with that cool air it will also bring various debris from outside in such as leaves and twigs.  When the condenser unit becomes clogged or if something is covering it outside, it will not function properly.  Therefore, regular checks can prevent this from happening too often.

Check The Airflow

If there are no obstructions or you have removed them from the condensing unit, but you still feel something is wrong with your system; check the airflow.  A weak or fluctuating and inconsistent airflow suggests that there is an issue with the unit that needs professional attention.

Switch Between Heating And Cooling Mode

A simple way to check whether the air conditioner in your office is running properly or not is by switching between heating and cooling, if your system also provides heating.  If there is no change when you switch between the two options, it could be that the reverse valve is stuff and it will need to be repaired.

Check For Corrosion And Rust

Regularly check your air conditioner for signs of corrosion or rust.  Small and insignificant rusting can be simply painted over using weatherproof steel paint.  However, more serious cases of corrosion or rust will need the help and attention of a professional air conditioning technician.

Although it is good working practice to run regular checks on your office’s air conditioner; there is no real substitute for having a professional company take a look at it.  Don’t leave it to chance and hope that your system will run smoothly forever.  As in the long run this will only cost you more in time and money.

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